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AirPods Studio release date is imminent — here’s the proof

AirPods Studio concept
(Image credit: Curved)

The AirPods Studio may finally see their debut next week, after months of anticipation for Apple's first over-ear headphones.

There are two slightly conflicting sources for this: iAppleTimes and Jon Prosser. It's only iAppleTimes that actually claims this launch will be for the AirPods Studio. But either way, both of these generally reliable leakers at least agree that something is coming on September 8.

Prosser's previous leaks seem to imply we'll be seeing the Apple Watch 6 and a new iPad, likely the iPad Air 4, that week, with no mention of the AirPods Studio specifically. He also says that the news will come by press release between 9am and 12pm EST, similar to how Apple broke the news of its new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models earlier this year.

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Other rumors have said the AirPods Studio would launch as part of Apple's big fall product launch alongside the iPhone 12. This event is expected to take place in late September or early October, a little later than usual to account for coronavirus-related delays.

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The AirPods Studio are said to cost $349, which puts them significantly below the $400 price of the Bose 700 or Sony WH1000-XM4 headphones, both of which are our favorites when it comes to the best noise cancelling headphones.

If Apple can nail the noise cancellation and deliver a suite of smart features and potentially slick Apple Music integration, then the AIrPods Studio could be the headphones to take on the WH1000-XM4. We've already seen how Apple can compete with the big players in audio tech, as it's AirPods Pro feature high-up on our best wireless earbuds list. 

In addition to ANC, the AirPods Studio are rumored to offer head and neck detection so the headphones automatically play and pause when you put on or take off the headset, and automatic ear detection, meaning you can wear the AirPods Studio either way around and the software will route the correct sound for each ear accordingly.

We've also heard that the AirPods Studio will offer swappable earcups and a retro design. If this latest rumor proves true, we'll see how Apple's headphones stack up to the competition next week.