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Watch Out for These Adware-Ridden Android Selfie Apps

Young woman taking a selfie.
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If your Android phone or tablet has apps called Sun Pro Beauty Camera or Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera, delete them. They're basically adware, and even though they've been removed from the official Google Play app store, they are still easy to find in third-party app stores.

Both apps are touted as selfie filters, and they do work in that regard. But researchers at London-based mobile-security firm Wandera found that the apps can also hijack your phone's screen with full-screen ads, record audio without notifying you and overlay images on top of other apps so that you might authorize malicious behavior without realizing what you're clicking.

Screen grab of Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera app page on

Screen grab of Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera app page on (Image credit: Screen grab from

At least one of the apps, Sun Pro Beauty Camera, removes itself from the app "drawer" displaying all installed apps, making it harder to notice. Meanwhile, Funny Sweet Beauty Camera will launch whenever you restart your phone.

To make sure you don't have these apps installed, go into your Android device's Settings menu and locate the Apps section. View all the apps, and search for Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera. Uninstall them if they're present.

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Many apps have very similar names, so to make sure you don't install either of these from an "off-road" app store (which we very strongly advise against, in general). Also check for the app-package names "", developed by "Trisha Elder," and "", developed by "Jeanna Dillion," before you install a selfie-filter app. 

Screen grab of Sun Pro Beauty Camera app page on

Screen grab of Sun Pro Beauty Camera app page on (Image credit: Screen grab of

Android package names are often visible in the app page's URL if you're viewing it from a desktop browser, or as part of the download package name.

And, as always, you should be running one of the best Android antivirus apps. Don't just trust any "antivirus" app in the Play Store; many of them are fake.