Mela Weighted Blanket review

The Mela Original Weighted Blanket could be your ticket to more restful sleep, and here's why...

Mela Original Weighted Blanket review
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Tom's Guide Verdict

The Mela Weighted Blanket Original was a real hit for us during testing. It helped us feel calmer while relaxing, and to sleep better once we were in bed. It stayed in place on top of our covers, and we could double the blanket over to get a deeper hit of pressure therapy. We wish it came in more sizes and weights, but there's little else to fault. We'd recommend it for most adults, especially if you're stressed or suffering poor sleep due to restlessness.


  • +

    Dual-sided feel - cosy and cooling

  • +

    Produces an instant calming feel

  • +

    Adds even pressure over the body

  • +

    Helped us feel less restless in bed

  • +

    Machine washable cover


  • -

    Only comes in three sizes

  • -

    Only four weights available

  • -

    On the pricer end of the spectrum

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The Mela Weighted Blanket is one of the more popular luxury options for people looking for a way to feel calmer in bed, or to gift to others who are struggling to sleep. It comes highly rated in our best weighted blankets guide, and in this review we put it to the test in terms of pressure therapy, comfort and ease of care. We also look at the main benefits of using the Mela when relaxing, napping and, of course, when getting a good night’s sleep. Spoiler alert: it helped us to feel less restless in bed and to stay asleep for longer.

As well as testing the Mela Original Weighted Blanket ourselves, we’ll also be analyzing user reviews to see how existing customers rate it. The good news is that the large majority of these reviews are positive, with the Mela praised for its ability to swaddle you in instant calm. It could be exactly what you need if you’re stressed out or anxious, especially if you experience those emotions in bed. 

To boost your sleep quality further, we’d also recommend taking a look at our expert best mattress guide, which includes all the top-rated memory foam mattresses for helping you feel even comfier. One of those partnered with a heavy blanket like the Mela and you should be on track for much better snoozing. Let’s dig into our review now… 

What is the Mela Weighted Blanket?

  • Available in three sizes and four weights
  • Comes with a 100% cotton, machine washable cover
  • Ready to use straight away – fasten the cover and go

The Mela Original uses the principle of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), applying pressure equally across the body to calm the nervous system in the same way a hug would. DTP in a hug (or a blanket) is said to increase the body’s ‘happy hormones’ and decrease the stress hormone, helping you relax and sleep.

Mela Original Weighted Blanket spec

Mela Weighted Blanket

(Image credit: Mela)

Material: 100% 300 thread-count cotton, recycled polyester, glass-quartz pellets
Weights: 5.5kg, 7kg, 9kg, 11kg
Dimensions: Single (100cm x 190cm), Double (135cm x 190cm), UK King (150cm x 200cm)
Care: Wash at a maximum of 30°C/cold gentle cycle, do not iron, do not tumble dry, lay flat to dry
Warranty: 1 year
Trial: 30-night trial
Price: £120 to £150

According to Mela, its Original Weighted Blanket is “engineered to melt away anxiety and welcome in calm for deep, restorative sleep.” It comes in two parts: the first is the blanket itself, made with breathable cotton layers filled with thousands of anti-rustle glass-quartz pellets securely held in place within stitched sections. The second part is a removable (and washable) double-sided cover that has a soft snuggly fleece on one side, and 100% cooling cotton on the reverse.

The Mela Weighted Blanket is easy to use too – simply drape it evenly over your body and you’re good to go. You can use it by itself, or place it over or under your duvet. You can also fold it in half to double the weight if you need extra pressure over your legs for instance. It’s important to note that this blanket is intended for adults only, but if you do want one for your child, then Mela has kids versions available separately.

If you’re in any way sceptical about weighted blankets, or worried that you might overheat, then the Mela Weighted Blanket is a great choice. Not only is there a 30-day risk-free trial (the brand will even pay for return shipping if you decide it’s not for you), but you get the two sides (cosy and cool) to play around with depending on your needs. Just grab your comfiest bed pillow and hit the hay.

Mela Weighted Blanket: Price and warranty

Mela Original Weighted Blanket review: an image of the blanket placed on a stylish white bed

(Image credit: Mela)
  • Price from £120 (single size) to £150 (double size)
  • 30-night risk-free trial period when buying direct
  • One-year warranty

You get what you pay for with a Mela Original Weighted Blanket, and with this, the brand’s cheapest option, there’s plenty of quality on offer. It’s a well-made product and for the price there are some extra perks too, which we cover below. The price starts at £120 for a Single, and rises to £140 for the Double and £150 for the UK King size.

If you’re worried about paying more for this blanket, then you can try it out for 30 nights, and if it’s not for you, you will receive a full refund, plus Mela will also pay for the return shipping within the UK. The blanket comes with a 1-year warranty, too.

Mela offers free delivery within the UK on any of its products, when you spend £30 or more. When you take into account the shipping, trial, returns and warranty, plus the cover (worth £40) and the blanket itself, it’s not a bad price. Although there are cheaper options on the market, the Mela Original Weighted Blanket is by no means the most expensive. Also look out for the generous sales and discounts on the Mela website.

Mela Original Weighted Blanket: performance

Mela Original Weighted Blanket review: an image of the blanket in grey placed on our bed during testing

The Mela was super cosy on our bed and helped us feel less restless during sleep (Image credit: Future)
  • Provides an instant feeling of calm
  • Helped us feel less restless in bed
  • Doesn't shift around on top of your covers

Taking our height of 5ft 2 inches into account, we reviewed the 100cm x 190cm single size blanket, which was very well-suited. Taller people might be better off with the double or king size. Also, the 100cm width of a single might not suit everyone, especially if you shift position as you sleep. That said, we noticed that the Mela reduced the amount of restlessness we usually experience in bed, so we didn’t move around as much.

The Mela felt snug without being stifling or claustrophobic, and it contoured to the body to deliver an almost instant feeling of comfort. With a body weight of 50kg we were slightly apprehensive at feeling ‘squashed’ under the weight of the Mela Original Weighted Blanket, but choosing the single 5.5kg option was spot-on and we were very comfy and relaxed. We first tested it over the top of a duvet, and the pressure felt just right and not too overbearing or heavy. The blanket was also used during the day for relaxing on the sofa, with equally great results.

The feel of the Mela Original Weighted Blanket is very tactile, with the recycled polyester plush fabric making it extra cosy. We preferred having the plush side down when relaxing on the sofa, while at bedtime the cooling cotton side made sure we didn’t overheat.

If you’re worried this weighted blanket will be too warm – a valid concern if you tend to sleep hot – then you have options. You can either use the blanket by itself, or place the cool cotton side down over the duvet. We experienced very little in the way of overheating with the Mela, although as the nights became cooler, the promise of extra cosiness is very welcome.

Mela Weighted Blanket: the benefits

  • Helps you feel less stressed and much calmer, quickly
  • Dual-sided: one side is cosy, the other cooling
  • Machine washable cover for better hygiene

We were undeniably impressed at how lovely this blanket is to use. Its immediately calming, and when used at the end of a stressful day it feels even more like an instant hit of therapy. While there is no conclusive scientific proof that weighted blankets work in that way, the even pressure and comfort of the plush material with the Mela Original Weighted Blanket make it a pleasure to relax beneath. 

While the Mela might not be suitable for use in warmer weather, there are extra benefits to using one as the winter comes in, as it provides a cosy wrapped-up feeling, ideal for chilly evenings. If you experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), then a weighted blanket might also be beneficial to help promote restorative sleep, as well as create more comfort when relaxing during the day. However, if you suffer from any sleep disorders or chronic medical conditions, then check with your doctor before you try a weighted blanket.

Mela Original Weighted Blanket review: a woman with brown and red curly hair smiles in bed as she relaxes beneath the Mela Original Blanket

(Image credit: Mela)

Other benefits of the Mela Original Weighted Blanket is that it is washable and easy to use. Once you’ve put the cover on, it’s good to go. Just use it in a way that suits you, whether that’s over or under your duvet, on its own, or folded in half. While the weight makes it too heavy to be truly portable, one benefit is that it easily stays in place once you have it on your bed.

The materials are Oeko-Tex certified to guarantee against toxins too. The rustle-free SGS-certified weighted glass pellets sit securely within a 100% cotton cooling and breathable shell, and the cover is made from 300 thread-count cotton on one side, and recycled polyester on the other.

Mela Weighted Blanket: what we didn’t like

  • Limited choice of sizes and weights
  • More expensive than comparable blankets
  • Removable cover takes a bit of wrestling into place

While it’s easy to sing the praises of the Mela Original Weighted Blanket, we do have some criticisms too, including the lack of colour choice. The plush side of the cover is grey, and while that’s neutral enough to suit a lot of decors, it’s not for everybody. Talking of limited choice, there are also only three sizes available – Single, Double and UK King – and only four weights: 5.5kg (for 50-65kg body weight), 7kg (for 65-85kg body weight), and 9kg (for 85-100kg body weight). While that covers most needs, it would be good to have a little more variety in terms of size and weight. 

If you’re heavier than 16 stone or prefer something lighter for more gentle pressure, then your options are slightly limited with Mela. To be effective, a weighted blanket should be 8-12% of your body weight. The kids version of the Mela Weighted Blanket is available as a single, in 2kg, 3kg and 4kg weights. So if you are looking for something lighter, then this might be a good option. It’s worth noting that these blankets are intended for use with one person only, so if you share a bed, then your sleep partner will need a separate blanket.

The cotton side of the blanket cover is bright white, which we can see getting grubby with use. However, it is easy to remove and wash in the machine. The cover has several ties on the inside that attach to the blanket (this is essential to stop the blanket shifting around). Getting the cover on does take a bit of effort (and you need a bit of space and patience to do it), but Mela includes full step-by-step instructions. Once the cover is on, it stays in place pretty well, as long as you secure the ties properly. The cover also has a zip fastening so that it’s completely sealed.

Mela Weighted Blanket: user reviews

Mela Original Weighted Blanket review: a couple relax in bed with the Mela Original Weighted Blanket in grey draped over the bottom

(Image credit: Mela)
  • Over 1,000 user reviews at Mela, with a 4.3/5 rating
  • People experiencing poor sleep love it the most
  • Some users found it too warm even on the cooling side

There are more than 1,000 reviews on Mela’s website, with an overall score of over 4.3 out of 5 stars. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as: “My sleep has improved already, and I have also noticed a real improvement with restless legs overnight.” Another comment reads: “Quality Blanket, quality customer service, just a tad on the expensive side.”

Plenty of the reviewers on Mela’s website reported being able to feel the relaxing benefits of the blanket, while some pointed out they had initially bought the wrong (heavier) weight, but that Mela were happy to replace it for a lighter option.

On Amazon, the reviews echo those on the Mela website, with more than 1,000 satisfied customers, and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Customers were impressed with the level of comfort and relaxation on offer, but some lower star ratings grumbled about the blanket being too heavy and/or too hot. Others reported feeling relaxed under the blanket, but noticed no improvement in the quality of their sleep.

Should you buy the Mela Weighted Blanket?

It didn’t take much for us to be convinced by the Mela Weighted Blanket. The hit of comfort was instant and we slept particularly well with it, getting good-quality sleep and not waking during the night (which had previously been a problem). We also used the blanket on the sofa while working on a laptop, as well relaxing in front of the television. While it wasn’t quite as easy to get equal coverage from the blanket on the sofa compared to on a bed, the feeling of ‘support’ and relaxation were still there. 

We were also able to focus a little more on work when using the blanket, as the weight made us feel more settled. While this blanket may not be for everybody, if you are prone to stress, anxiety or lack of concentration, it might just help you feel more settled. It’s important to note that getting the right weight is crucial, because if the blanket is too heavy then it will be difficult to manoeuvre comfortably beneath it. Taking advantage of the 30-day trial period means you have nothing to lose.

It’s worth mentioning that if you are buying the Mela Original as a gift, then the recipient will also love the packaging – it comes in a smart box and includes a guide to the blanket, including ten tips for a better night’s sleep. You’ll be doing good for others too, as Mela donates 1% of profits from the sale of each blanket to its charity partner, Young Minds, helping extend comfort and positivity just that little bit further.

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