How to watch Something Undone online: stream the haunting new Canadian thriller for FREE

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One of the most remarkable things about Something Undone is that it has taken this long to give the world of the true crime podcast the psychological thriller box set treatment. Happily however, this Canadian series starring and written by Madison Walsh and Michael Musi as Jo and Farid proves that the wait was worth it.

Below you’ll find all the details you need to watch Something Undone from anywhere with a VPN, and potentially for FREE.

Something Undone (10 episodes), free stream, release date

UK date: All 10 episodes of Something Undone are available to stream on ITVX from Thursday, December 14.
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The couple are the content creators on their own true crime podcast - Jo (a foley artist) supplies the sounds that bring life to her partner’s words - and a trip to Briddus in Newfoundland to look at a harrowing case from 1980s which saw five members of the Chaffey family murdered feels like an opportunity not to be missed. 

Once a tourist destination, Briddus never really recovered from the Chaffey cases and the satanic claims associated with the murders and the locals (including bent cops) are determined that the whole business remains buried. The closer Farid gets to the truth, the more danger he is in.

Jo is staying at the home of her recently deceased mother - a schizophrenic who took her own life - and, whilst existing in her own world of sound-recording, begins to hear things that take her down a path to a dark family secret. 

Months later, having seemed to have left the project behind and now trying to save their strained relationship, both Jo and Farid realise that the events of many decades before have bled into their lives and may not be finished with them yet. 

All ten episodes are available to stream for free in the U.K. from December 14. Read on for how to watch Something Undone from anywhere in the world.

Watch Something Undone for free in the U.K.

Something Undone is available to watch for FREE in the U.K. (assuming, of course, that you have a valid TV license).

All 10 episodes stream online from December 14 on ITVX. The series will also be broadcast on ITV1 in 2024. 

Not in the U.K. right now? Don't worry — you can watch from anywhere with one of the best VPN services such as ExpressVPN. Read on and we'll explain how to watch Something Undone using a VPN.

How to watch Something Undone with a VPN

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Something Undone – global streaming options

Can I watch Something Undone in the U.S.?

US flag

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Unfortunately, like the British cuppa, Something Undone hasn't made it across the Atlantic to the U.S., and there's currently no way of watching it on American TV.

Anybody visiting the U.S. from the U.K. can use one of the best VPN services to access their usual streaming service from abroad. We recommend ExpressVPN.

How to watch Something Undone in Australia

Australia flag

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Australian viewers can watch all ten episodes of Something Undone for free on SBS On Demand, but they'll have to wait a couple of weeks longer than those in the UK. The series will premiere on SBS on Thursday, December 28.

Going to be outside Oz? Simply use a VPN to unblock SBS On Demand from overseas, without being blocked. We recommend ExpressVPN as it comes with a 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee.

How to watch Something Undone in Canada

Canada flag

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Viewers in Canada  can watch Something Undone on CBC Gem from December 14, the same day as UK viewers.

Going to be outside Canada? Simply use a VPN to access CBC from overseas, without being blocked. We recommend ExpressVPN as it comes with a 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee.

Something Undone episode guide

Something Undone episode guide (contains spoilers)

Episode 1 - Two Minutes & Forty-Nine Seconds

Farid arrives in an unwelcoming Briddus, Newfoundland to investigate the gruesome Chaffey murders of 1989. Jo works on the podcast’s sound effects from her recently deceased mother’s home and picks up a disturbing sound coming from inside the house.

Episode 2 - They Want In

Jo unearths disturbing tapes from her mother and struggles to accept that a mysterious presence is trying to communicate. After he hits a roadblock with the police, Farid gets help from an unexpected ally.

Episode 3 - Go Home, Fred

Jo questions her aunt about mysterious family photos and finds a frightening surprise in the house. Farid continues to ask unwanted questions and learns just how far the police are willing to go to protect the Chaffey mystery.

Episode 4 - I Don’t Want to Forget

Farid and Jo’s relationship cracks under pressure. Brie is sent to Briddus to lend a helping hand, while back home, Jo attempts to make peace with the ghosts that haunt her.

Episode 5 - Did They Get to You?

Jo goes back to Martha’s clues to piece together the mystery of what happened to Rose. Farid knows who killed the Chaffeys - but a serious threat sends him straight back home to Jo.

Episode 6 -  Were She No Longer True

After a terrifying revelation, Jo comes face to face with her and Martha’s demons. Farid must put his love for Jo before his career ambitions and desire to deliver justice to the Chaffeys.

Episode 7 - Coming Up For Air

Six months later, Jo and Farid escape to an island retreat to strengthen their relationship and break free from their respective traumas. Jo forms a relationship with their neighbour, Christina, and gets a call from Aunt Hannah that jeopardizes her recovery plan. Farid secretly visits a mysterious local pastor and learns of a local missing woman.

Episode 8 - Make Yourselves Clean

Pastor Cape introduces Farid to his life on the island in an attempt to justify his freedom and learns that the missing woman has a concerning connection to Christina. Off her meds, Jo explores the enticing world of Genesis.

Episode 9 -  Secrets We Keep

Farid has dinner at the Cape family home, getting into the tough and terrifying questions with Pastor Cape. Jo digs deeper into Beth’s relationship with Christina and experiments with hallucinogens.

Episode 10 - The Devil You Know

Jo confronts Christina and encounters a dangerous stranger. Farid struggles with Jo’s decision to go off her meds. A revelation about Beth brings him and Jo into the palm of the killer’s hand.

Something Undone: everything you need to know

Are the killings based on a real-life true crime?

No. In the show Matthew Chaffey killed his wife and three children and then himself and the manner of the deaths leaves reason to believe it was not an open and shut case but it does not reference a real-life true crime. There is also no such place as Briddus in Newfoundland.

Who is in the main cast of Something Undone?

Michael Musi as Farid – a podcaster determined to solve a cold-case murder.
Madison Walsh as Jo – a foley artist who struggles with her mental health.
Billy Campbell as Pastor Cape – an enigmatic man of the cloth.

What is the elevator pitch for Something Undone?

A true crime podcast duo, Jo (Madison Walsh, Mrs. America, The Expanse) and Farid (Michael Musi, All My Puny Sorrows, Kim’s Convenience), reopen the haunting mystery of a 1980s cold case but struggle with the repercussions as they’re thrust into danger. Later, as they escape to an isolated island in an attempt to recover, they ultimately move closer to the trauma they so desperately tried to escape.

Who created and wrote Something Undone?

Created and written by Musi and Walsh and directed by Hannah Cheesman and Nicole Dorsey, Something Undone is an extended version of the original short-form series. The expanded series also stars Amanda Brugel (Sort Of, The Handmaid’s Tale), Billy Campbell (Cardinal, The Killing), Shawn Doyle (Star Trek: Discovery, Gray), Shaun Majumder (Detroit 1-8-7, This Hour Has 22 Minutes) and Nicole Power (Glamorous, Strays).

Something Undone official trailer 

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