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Pixel 4 Price Leak Shows It's Cheaper Than Pixel 3

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The Pixel 4 will be cheaper than the Pixel 3 — at least in Europe (which means that maybe in the US too). I was hoping that Google may have learned the price lesson from the previous flagship’s failed sales and made the Pixel 4 more affordable but alas, 20 euro off is all we got.

9to5Google found the price list for the entire Pixel 4 line on the Irish electronics online retailer Elara Online has posted prices. Beyond confirming the three colors — which are referred to as Just Black, Clearly White, and Oh So Orange — the Irish shop claims the price for the Pixel 4 with 64GB of RAM start at 825.33 euro ($905.44 at the current exchange rate), tax included. That’s 24 euro less expensive than the Pixel 3’s launch price. Compared to Apple's current offerings in Europe, that rumored start price is 16 euro more than the basic iPhone 11, while 334 euro cheaper than the basic iPhone 11 Pro.

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But, according to the electronics retailer, that’s their “discount” offer. The site claims that the list price is actually 928.50 euro ($1,018), which is way more expensive than the original launch list price for the Pixel 3 with 64GB. In Europe that was 849 euro ($931). But I doubt the Pixel 4 would cost 928.50 euro everywhere but this Irish shop. If the prices are true, 825 euro looks like the tag for every retailer in the old continent.

Here’s the complete list of euro prices:

  • Google Pixel 64GB 825.33 euro
  • Google Pixel 128GB 947.10 euro
  • Google Pixel 4XL 64GB 1,015.98 euro
  • Google Pixel 4XL 128GB 1132.83 euro

The site doesn’t give any other specifications beyond the RAM.

Last year, the Pixel 3 launch price was $799 in the United States.  Sales weren’t so good at that price, so retailers started to cut prices a few months after launch — especially when the Pixel 3a came out and became a bestseller for Google.

If the Euro prices are confirmed maybe we could expect a $25 drop in United States.

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