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Best iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals 2020

Best iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals 2020
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The best Apple iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals are well and truly here, and you can save nearly 50% when you buy today. The iPhone SE is already one of Apple's most affordable iPhones, but right now you can save big when you buy just the handset, or get a great deal with a top cell plan. 

Some of the best Apple iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals come from carriers such as AT&T, Metro by T-Mobile, Verizon, and more. You can also save when you buy the handset, as the iPhone SE is $150 off at Walmart (opens in new tab) right now at only $199.

 There are other great Cyber Monday deals available on top Apple products. For more deals check out our iPhone 12 Cyber Monday deals, or keep reading for more great Apple iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals.

iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals: Top 5 sales right now

Best iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals and sales

Best iPhone SE Cyb...

iPhone SE: was $399 now $149 @ AT&T (opens in new tab)
AT&T offers two ways to save on the iPhone SE this Cyber Monday. New and current customers can pick up the phone for $5 a month, which comes out to $149 over $30 months. But trade in an eligible phone and you'll get a $5 monthly credit on your bill, allowing you to enjoy the iPhone SE for free.

iPhone SE: was $399 now $199 @ Walmart (opens in new tab)
Walmart is one of the few retailers offering an iPhone SE deal, though to reap the savings, you've got to buy a phone tied either Straight Talk or Total Wireless. That lets you get the iPhone SE for $149, a $200 discount off the $399 price at which Walmart previously sold the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE: was $399 now $99 @ Metro By T-Mobile (opens in new tab)
Switch to Metro by T-Mobile, and bring your old phone number over to the carrier. That will save you $300 on the cost of a new iPhone SE, and you'll get to use T-Mobile's network for your service.

iPhone SE: $240 + Save $150 on Apple Watch (opens in new tab)
Verizon now has the SE for the reduced price of $10 per month on top of its Unlimited cell plans. So that's $240 when you take out a 24-month contract. Easy. You can also save $150 on an Apple Watch with the purchase of any iPhone.

iPhone SE: get $100 GC and Nimble fast-charger @ Visible (opens in new tab)
Visible's $384 price on the iPhone SE is only $15 less than what the phone sells for at Apple. But it's the goodies that Visible includes which makes this a noteworthy deal. Buy an iPhone SE and you'll get a $100 MasterCard gift card. Visible also includes a Nimble fast-charging kit too, which is very handy.

iPhone SE: was $399 now $199 @ Best Buy (opens in new tab)
You can get the iPhone SE for half-off when buying the phone at Best Buy if you have an eligible trade-in. An iPhone 7 or newer will knock the price of the iPhone SE down to $199. The one catch is that you need to visit a Best Buy store to take advantage of the trade-in program.

iPhone SE: was $399 now $249 @ Boost (opens in new tab)
Boost is matching Walmart's iPhone SE price, with a $150 discount on the phone. If you prefer the 128GB model, you can save $50 by picking up that version for $399 at Boost.

iPhone SE: was $349 now $49 at Cricket (opens in new tab)
Cricket takes $300 off the cost of an iPhone SE when you switch to the discount carrier and bring your own number. If you're an existing customer or you need a new phone number, you'll pay $249, which is still a $100 discount.

iPhone SE: was $399 now up to 50% off @ T-Mobile (opens in new tab)
During iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals, start on a monthly installment plan, and activate a new line of data at T-Mobile. The Uncarrier will give you the iPhone SE for half off or $199. The larger 128GB and 256GB are available for a larger initial payment.

iPhone SE: was $399 now $209 at Apple Store (opens in new tab)
By combining the maximum $140 trade-in credit with Apple's current $50 gift card reward for buying an iPhone SE, you can get the mid-range handset for almost half price, and without locking it to a specific carrier.

iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals: What to know about the iPhone SE

The iPhone SE takes the same form factor as the iPhone 8, but updates the inner components. This phone features an A13 Bionic processor, which may not match the A14 Bionic found in the iPhone 12 lineup, but still outperforms many top Android handsets. The iPhone SE also features a single rear camera, aided by the neural engine on the A13 chip to produce some of the best photos we've seen from a low cost phone.

Many of the iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals we've seen so far only cover the 64GB base model. That's a pretty meager amount of storage these days, so look for bargains on the higher capacity models if possible. AT&T's discounted price currently applies to the 128GB ($300) and 256GB ($450) versions of the iPhone SE, too.

The iPhone SE comes in three colors — black, white and Project Red. The deals above apply to all three color options where supplies are available.

The iPhone SE is currently the cheapest iPhone, though Apple recently cut the prices of the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR to $599 and $499, respectively.

Is iPhone SE worth buying now?

During iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals you'll find promotions you might not see again. If you're in the market for a new iPhone, you have the chance to get a new model for a fraction of the cost. Of course restrictions apply based on your carrier, but changing your cellular plan could save you money if you do your research. 

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