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Even as digital threat protection evolves impressively in the commercial space, users working from home have largely been left to their own devices when it comes to corporate impersonation scams and suspicious communications in general. 

While companies guard their own channels and networks carefully, they should also pay attention to the highly advanced scammers spoofing official brand communications to target customers.

These activities can be just as damaging to your brand as the kind of direct attacks that attract large, dedicated cyber defense budgets.

Iris® Powered by General’s ScamAssist® scam analysis tool is leading the way to bridge this disconnect.

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Personal service 24/7/365

ScamAssist is nothing less than a 24/7/365 personal consumer service for identifying scam emails and other suspicious communications.

Offered as a white-labeled, co-branded, or Iris-branded tool, ScamAssist provides companies like yours distinctive, next-level customer protection to set your business apart via a customized, mobile-friendly, dedicated portal that also includes your unique customer support phone number.

Education is a vital component. According to Google, only 60% of users could correctly define the term 'phishing'. So, there's a proactive element to Iris’ offering that goes beyond identifying malicious emails before they're clicked on. The branded ScamAssist portal outlines how to spot suspect communications, offers examples, and lists victim resources. 

The system itself is a sophisticated mix of automated processes and human analysis provided by dedicated Resolution Specialists. With some modern sophisticated scams able to evade automated detection systems, this human touch is vital to fully protect your customers, as well as providing the victim with the associated care that's become Iris' trademark.

Once a suspicious message has been submitted by the user, they receive professional assessment using ScamAssist’s rigorous, proprietary scoring methodology. 

So, customers either get peace of mind that the message is genuine, or a warning accompanied by recommended actions for remaining secure if it is deemed suspicious. 

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People-first tech

Iris Powered by Generali has taken an impressive duty of care upon itself. If the customer has already been victimized, a whole new set of recommendations and procedures kick in, including Iris' Resolution Specialists contacting the relevant authorities on their behalf.

Care and compassion are in the company's DNA, running through everything from how Resolution Center staff performance is measured (hint: it's not by how quickly they can close calls) to the emphasis on the human side of what has traditionally been viewed as solely a technical problem.

There's a mental and emotional cost to being a victim of a scam, and Iris' awareness of this informs everything from staff training, to target metrics, to the mission statement: 'Bringing Our Customers From Distress To Relief – Anytime, Anywhere'.

It's an approach that paid dividends, with an off-the-charts Net Promoter Score of 94 in January 2023 and 11 customer service award wins in the last eight years.

 And it can pay dividends for your customer satisfaction levels too.

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The best thing is also the right thing 

The immediate benefits of using ScamAssist are clear. You're helping reduce the chance that your customers fall victim to a scam attempting to hijack your brand, your consumers enjoy an empathetic experience, and you have a distinctive customer service solution to help you stand out from the competition.

So far, so simple, but the People-First, Tech-Forward principle means that there are wider benefits in play.

First and foremost, scammers are denied their payday. In 2021 alone, 27 million Americans (almost 1 in 10) lost a total of 28 billion dollars to scams. That's 28 billion dollars a year going into the pockets of criminals.

That's why Iris Powered by Generali’s ScamAssist tool analyzes all suspicious communications your customers submit for review, not just the ones impersonating your own messaging. So, courtesy of your brand, your customers will enjoy an unparalleled level of scam protection across their entire lives.

Finally, there is a legitimate business benefit as well. As scams become more elaborate, it's harder and harder for genuine messaging to succeed with wary consumers. The flipside of ScamAssist is it empowers consumers to engage with less familiar brands, and perhaps discover a service they need. 

It all adds up to making the world just a little bit better.

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