HONOR is redefining the future of smartphones, and its mind-blowing new foldables prove it

HONOR V Purse with strap
(Image credit: HONOR)

"Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you." These nine words, spoken by Alexander Graham Bell, marked the first telephone call ever made, and the beginning of a communication revolution that would change the world.

Today, 147 years on, most of us don’t think twice about the powerful screen-toting computers in our pocket. Whipping them out without thought, we check the weather, chat to friends, order food, book flights, and much, much more. This familiarity, coupled with the deluge of so many similar handsets out there, however, means that many people feel that smartphones have hit their peak.

But not HONOR’s engineers. In fact, they strongly disagree. Having invested heavily in the research of foldable smartphones, the company’s push for innovation is redefining the laws of what’s possible in the smartphone world. And the new Magic V2 and concept V Purse prove it, in the most spectacular of ways.

The Honor Magic V2

(Image credit: Honor)

HONOR Magic V2

The HONOR Magic V2 is a shining example of the sort of ground-breaking progress that can be achieved if perfection and innovation are strived for above all else. The slimmest and lightest book-style folding phone to date, its dimensions are nothing short of an engineering marvel.

Remarkably, its folded thickness of 9.9mm is thinner than that of some bar phones, while its 4.7mm-thin body when unfolded has to be seen and held to truly appreciate. Combined with its weight of just 231g (lighter than flagships like the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra), the Magic V2 redefines the ergonomics and portability of foldable phones, proving that with the right persistence and ingenuity, users don’t have to settle on large, heavy, and bulky compromises. And that’s all without even mentioning the Magic V2’s improved display, battery life, and overall user experience.

Naturally, achieving this performance in such a compact form factor is far from an easy task. In fact, HONOR’s engineers have overcome more than 210 technical obstacles to achieve their vision. The end result is a stunning feat of engineering — a thin and light smartphone with an outer 6.43in 120Hz OLED display, with an incredible inner folding screen that opens up to 7.92in while still offering the same class-leading OLED performance and refresh rate.

Overall, the efforts behind the creation of the HONOR Magic V2 lay the foundation for a new era of folding devices, letting consumers have the best of both worlds — stunning, portable products that don’t compromise on performance, useability, or quality.

HONOR V Purse with animated fish

(Image credit: HONOR)

In many ways, the Magic V2 has brought the future to the present. But HONOR has already travelled down a path that stretches even further beyond. Looking to shatter the boundaries and concepts of what many believe to be possible, the new HONOR V Purse is a jaw-dropping concept smartphone that offers a glimpse of the company’s relentless pursuit of pushing the limits of design and functionality.HONOR V Purse seamlessly transforms the foldable smartphone into the ultimate phy-gital fashion statement, thanks to a series of customizable always-on displays that mimic a handbag design, including design elements such as chains, feathers and tassels that react and sway with the smartphone as it moves. Utilizing the existing internal sensors that all phones have (including light, touch and gyroscope sensors), stunning effects can be achieved. 

The concept phone is also compatible with a choice of interchangeable straps and chains, which clip onto the hinge to allow the smartphone to be worn effortlessly over one’s shoulder like an ordinary purse or handbag, enabling it to become the new “it” bag of the future.

Engineered with sustainability in mind, the HONOR V Purse epitomizes HONOR's commitment to the environment. As the fashion industry transcends the physical world into a more digital space, technology is enabling unlimited possibilities for style and self-expression. In this small way, the HONOR V Purse can help environmentally conscious consumers to cut down on their consumption of fast fashion, and more importantly, it helps the fashion world embrace new technologies in order to encourage consumers to buy less, and use for longer.


(Image credit: HONOR)

Looks aside, there are plenty of brains too. The V Purse is capable of automatically detecting your calendar events, able to change its design from work to leisure mode on the AOD automatically, if you so wish.

While the V Purse is a concept, it perfectly encapsulates the seamless merge between the physical and digital worlds, to produce a masterpiece that’s unlike anything else available — and all without compromising on the tools and features that we all rely on in our daily lives. We can’t wait to see what the future holds. Can you?