Prime Day sale drops the best phone of the year to its lowest price ever

Galaxy S23 Ultra Amazon Prime Day Deal
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We're big fans of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, having just declared Samsung's ultimate flagship device the best phone of the year in our Tom's Guide Awards 2023. And thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you can pick up the Galaxy S23 Ultra for its lowest price ever.

Normally $1,199, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is available at Amazon for $949. Not only is that a $250 discount, it's the lowest price we've seen for the S23 Ultra at Amazon. Previously, the low point was $974.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: was $1,199 now $949 @ Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: was $1,199 now $949 @ Amazon
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best phone we've reviewed this year. It's powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset that not only delivers top performance among Android devices but also helps the S23 Ultra last a long time on a charge. Its cameras take excellent pictures, particularly when you need to zoom in on a subject. Now that it's at its lowest price ever, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is an incredible value.

As we noted in our Galaxy S23 Ultra review, we think Samsung packs enough premium features into this phone to justify the regular price tag. When you can pick up the phone at a $250 discount, that's a deal you have to jump on.

Samsung used Qualcomm silicon for the Galaxy S23 Ultra and optimized the chipset for performance. It's no wonder the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy delivers some of the best performance we've seen from an Android phone, but it's also especially power efficient. For that reason, the Galaxy S23 Ultra landed on our best phone battery life list for providing all-day battery life and then some.

Not only is the Galaxy S23 Ultra the best phone overall, it's also the best camera phone. Whether you're taking shots with the device's 200MP main camera or using its two telephoto lenses to zoom in on a subject, you're going to be pleased with the images the S23 Ultra produces.

You're sure to find many Prime Day phone deals over the next 24 hours covering a variety of devices. But it's doubtful you'll see as welcome a discount on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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