Grab an Xbox Series S for less ahead of the holidays

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If you've yet to get a next-generation games console or want a secondary machine for say bedroom gaming, then the Xbox Series S is well worth your attention, especially as it's been discounted again. 

Right now, U.S. buyers can snap up the Xbox Series S for $239 at Microsoft, saving themselves $60. In the U.K. the Xbox Series S is £199 at Amazon and £199 at Microsoft, a savings of £50. These Christmas deals comes in time for the holidays; just be quick as we suspect they won't stick around for long. 

Xbox Series S: was $299 now $239 @ Microsoft

Xbox Series S: was $299 now $239 @ Microsoft
The next-gen Xbox Series S is limited to 1440p output, but still delivers fast loading, ray tracing, and high frame rates. It sports a GPU with up to 4 teraflops of output, 10GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD for storage. (There's no disc drive). This compact console usually retails for $299, but has had $60 sliced off the price. Best Buy has the second-best price at $249.

Xbox Series S: was £249 now $199 @ AmazonSeries S on sale for £199

Xbox Series S: was £249 now $199 @ Amazon
In the U.K. Amazon has cut the Xbox Series S by £50 reducing it to £199, which is a great price for a great little console. If it's out of stock, then check out Microsoft, which has the Series S on sale for £199 as well. 

The Xbox Series S may lack the sheer power of its bigger and more expensive Xbox Series X sibling, but it's still a great little gaming machine. Targeting 1440p resolutions rather than 4K, this compact console can still play the best Xbox Seres X games without too much trouble. 

It's also an ideal Xbox Game Pass machine, given it lacks a disc drive, and is a good gateway to playing new games like Pentiment and A Plague Tale Requiem.  

In our Xbox Series S review, we noted that the compact console “has a lot to offer” and praised it for its “gorgeous graphics and enormous game selection.” We also appreciated its more affordable price tag compared to the Series X, which retails for a hefty $499/£449. And with a nice chunk cash sliced off the price, the Seres S is now more compelling than ever. 

The Series S isn't perfect, as its starting storage of 512GB can be filled up pretty quickly with a handful of big games that have serious SSD space demands. But the storage is easily upgradable, albeit you need to opt for a proprietary drive from Seagate. 

Nevertheless, if you're looking to dip our toes into Xbox gaming, then the Seres S makes for an excellent gateway console. And with these discounts, it's well worth a look today. 

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