Forget Black Friday — 5 great video doorbell deals under $100 I'd shop now

Video doorbell deals
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Even though Black Friday has come and gone, there are still plenty of deals to be found on some of the best video doorbells

This time of year, you can expect a lot more visitors and a lot more packages showing up at your door. A video doorbell can come in handy, letting you know who or what is on your stoop, and keeping porch pirates from stealing your gifts. 

Having tested dozens of video doorbells, we've got a pretty good handle on what makes for a great video doorbell, and what makes for a great video doorbell deal. And, since you might have already spent a lot of money on presents for others, we've rounded up five video doorbell deals for less than $100.

While discounts aren't as big as a few weeks ago, you can still find some pretty good deals, such as the Ring Video Doorbell (2020) for just $54 at Amazon, a savings of 45%. 

Best video doorbells deals you can get now

Blink Video Doorbell: was $59 now $35 @ Amazon

Blink Video Doorbell: was $59 now $35 @ Amazon
We'll admit, we didn't rank the Blink Video Doorbell high on our list of the best video doorbells. Its video quality was so-so and it lacks package detection. However, at $35 — nearly its lowest ever — it might be worth taking a flier on this video doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbell (2020): was $99 now $54 @ Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell (2020): was $99 now $54 @ Amazon
Ring's flagship video doorbell is 45% off in this holiday deal. It can be wired or run on battery power, and is the least expensive of Ring's video doorbells with package detection. Unlike pricier models, though, it lacks head-to-toe video and a removable battery. Check out our Ring Video Doorbell review to learn more.  

Ring Video Doorbell w/ Echo Show 5: was $189 now $94 @ Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell w/ Echo Show 5: was $189 now $94 @ Amazon
This deal combines the Ring Video Doorbell with the Echo Show 5 for $94, saving you $95 overall. Both the satin and bronze colors are available at this price. With the included Echo Show 5, you’ve got a home hub through which you can view and talk to your visitors. While this deal was as low as $64 during Black Friday, it's still a decent bargain.

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro: was $99 now $88 @ Amazon

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro: was $99 now $88 @ Amazon
We think the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro represents the best value among video doorbells. It has head-to-toe video, comes with a chime, and you can get person and package detection too. Plus, Wyze's subscription fees are among the least expensive. This deal is a modest $11 off the regular price, but worth a look.

Arlo Video Doorbell 2K: was $129 now $99 @ Amazon

Arlo Video Doorbell 2K: was $129 now $99 @ Amazon
One thing we like about Arlo's video doorbell is that it works with both Alexa and Google Assistant, so you don't have to choose. And, it delivers 2K head-to-toe video — the highest resolution among video doorbells. You can also get package detection, but Arlo's subscription fees are a bit higher than the others.

What to look for in a video doorbell deal

As we mentioned at the outset, the best video doorbell deals expired after Cyber Monday, but there are still some bargains to be had. However, before you click the buy button, it's important to know what features you want.

Ring video doorbells

Ring's lineup of video doorbells always goes on sale, but at the moment, only a few are available at a discount. Often, Ring video doorbell deals involve bundling the doorbell itself with another smart home device, such as an Amazon Echo Dot or Amazon Echo Show 5. If you're thinking of buying a deal that includes the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, we highly recommend looking at ones that include the Echo Dot or a Ring Chime, as the doorbell itself will not work with your existing mechanical doorbell chime.

Package detection

If you're planning on receiving a lot of deliveries, then we recommend looking for deals on video doorbells that offer package detection as an option — though usually this will require a subscription. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus, and the Ring Video Doorbell (2020) are the only models in the company's lineup that have package detection. The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro and the Arlo Video Doorbell 2K also offer package detection, but the Blink video doorbell does not.

Field of view

Older video doorbells generally had a rectangular field of view — you could see a lot that was happening on either side of your door. However, newer models have a squarer or more vertical field of view, so while you won't see as much side-to-side, you will be able to see things closer to the foot of your door, which is handy when looking for packages. 

Battery or wired?

If you're replacing a traditional video doorbell, then it's probably worth looking for a wired video doorbell. That way, you don't have to worry about recharging a battery. If, however, you're planning to put a video doorbell in a spot where there isn't any power, a battery-operated model is the way to go. 

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