DreamCloud has launched its early Presidents' Day sale, but is it any good?

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The DreamCloud mattress is one of the most popular luxury-for-less hybrid beds you'll come across online. It's a superb choice for couples who want a luxury hotel-style mattress and right now you can save 40% on the DreamCloud Hybrid with prices from $449 at DreamCloud Sleep. A queen size is on sale for $799 in the brand's early Presidents' Day sale, but is this price a good deal or should you wait for the actual Presidents' Day mattress sales to land?

40% off is what we see in most monthly DreamCloud mattress sales and deals, so this isn't the highest saving we've seen; that landed recently in a flash sale that dropped the price of a queen to $665. Are we likely to see that again come Presidents' Day? If last year's sale is anything to go by, no, it's unlikely. 

That said, DreamCloud Sleep surprised us with two flash sales towards the end of last year, so they may surprise us again. Ultimately, if you need a new mattress now and love the DreamCloud, this weekend's sale offers a great price.

The DreamCloud features highly in our best mattress of 2024 guide thanks to its pressure-relieving support and back pain relief. A queen size DreamCloud Hybrid down to $799 at DreamCloud translates to a healthy saving of $533. Sure, this is a saving we’re used to seeing from DreamCloud, but it's still an excellent price that undercuts many of its luxury competitors, such as the Saatva Classic

The DreamCloud Hybrid mattress
Was:Now:$449 at DreamCloud

The DreamCloud Hybrid mattress
From $839
Now: From $449 at DreamCloud
: Up to $880 

Summary: The DreamCloud Hybrid is a hugely popular luxury hybrid mattress that punches well beyond its price tag. It ranks highly in our best hybrid mattress guide, thanks to its pressure relieving medium-firm support. In our DreamCloud Hybrid mattress review, we were impressed with its motion isolation — which will appeal to couples and restless sleepers — as well as its suitability for all sleeping styles, but found it particularly supportive for back sleepers. Hybrid mattresses usually boast a little more breathability than all-foam mattresses, and the DreamCloud Hybrid is no different — ventilation provided by individually wrapped coils, plus a breathable cashmere blend cover, makes for excellent temperature regulation. Edge support could be better, but by no means a deal-breaker. The bottom line is that you’ll be hard pushed to find a better mattress for this price. 

Price History: The current 40% sale is an evergreen saving that we’re used to seeing from DreamCloud, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still an excellent price worth taking advantage of. It’s rare to be able to buy a queen size mattress of this caliber for under $1,000, and right now you can buy a queen size mattress for just $799 at DreamCloud. Prices don't often drop below this, but the occasional 50% off DreamCloud flash sale does pop up. If you want to hold out for the best possible price, bookmark our DreamCloud mattress sales page for the latest DreamCloud sales. 

Benefits: 365 night trial | Lifetime warranty | Free shipping  

Dreamcloud vs Saatva: Which hybrid is best? 

Thanks to an evergreen 40% off sale, the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress undercuts many of its luxury competitors, including the Saatva Classic. So how do these two best-rated luxury mattresses compare? 

Firstly, both brands offer some of the best benefits in the industry, including lifetime warranties and 365 night sleep trials. As hybrid mattresses, both mattresses provide sleepers with excellent pressure-relieving support.

However, while the DreamCloud offers one medium-firm level of support, the Saatva Classic comes in three different firmness levels, which means that it’s suited to almost any type of sleeper. 

Another key difference is that the DreamCloud is one of the best mattress in a box, while the Saatva Classic is a traditional mattress. For a more in-depth look at the two mattresses and their pros and cons, read our Saatva vs DreamCloud mattress comparison.  

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