Fired OMGPOP Employees Celebrated Departure from Zynga

Getting a pink slip isn't usually cause for celebration, but for some OMGPOP employees, their departure from Zynga was cause to bring out some kegs.

"There were no hard facts or figures. No real explanation. Just typical corporate BS," said an ex-employee to Business Insider in regards to Zynga's announcement that it would be closing some of its offices (OMGPOP included), "Everyone was just like, 'Yep.' Not surprised at all. It was like the weight had been lifted off our shoulders, that a decision had finally been made."

"Most layoffs are sad. You imagine big corporate settings where security is there to lead people out of the office so they don't make a scene. This was the opposite. Music was being played loudly, and people were ripping up Zynga hoodies and T-shirts," said another ex-employee.

Last year, Zynga snatched up OMGPOP for $180 million after the developer's success with the mobile game Draw Something. Unfortunately, Draw Something's time in the limelight was cut abruptly after its player base began to sharply drop off. Just a little over a month ago, OMGPOP released Draw Something 2, but the game never gained the traction that its predecessor did.

Apparently, the OMGPOP developers never felt welcomed by their parent company from the beginning. "It never felt like anyone other than Pincus was really happy about us. I think everyone else was just pissed off because Zynga acquired a company that no one had really heard of before to do mobile," said another former employee.

Despite the negative feelings towards Zynga, the overall sentiment that OMGPOP employees had about the entire experience seems positive. "We regret nothing, not even being acquired. We got the chance to push Draw Something to the level we wanted, and we never took anything for granted. … We lived through this experience that is very unique. It was a great ride. I think a lot of these people will be meeting up again in the future," said the former employee.

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  • dalethepcman
    Fine, i'll just take my $180m and go home then...