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Step 9

How To: Turn A Netbook Into A Hackintosh

Reboot the netbook and make sure that everything is working... Your WiFi should be working now, except that it works through the Ralink application (which occasionally drops the connection), rather than through the standard Airport icon up in the top menu bars. 

Presuming that everything is okay, use the Disk Utility application to format the netbook's hard drive, remembering to keep the GUID ID setting, and a single partion for Mac OS Journaled. Then, use SuperDuper to clone the osx-eee drive to the netbook's hard drive. 

Choose "Copy: [your external HDD] to: [your internal HDD] using: Restore - all files". Make sure it is from the external USB stick to the internal drive and not the other way around. Then press "Copy Now".

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