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Step 6: Applying New Thermal Paste

How-To: Fix (And Prevent) Laptop Overheating

Just about every different type of processing chip has a different method for applying thermal paste, but the methods for applying thermal paste onto laptop chips are fairly universal. Start with a single small dot of paste in the middle of the chip. Then, using the plastic edge (clean it off first) or the tip of the new thermal paste tube, spread it evenly over the rest of the chip. You’ll end up with a thin layer of thermal paste about the same thickness of a piece of paper.

Even though it’s tempting to cake on the thermal paste, it’s actually best to use as little as possible while still covering the whole chip. High-end thermal pastes are designed to work optimally when only thick enough to fill the various microgrooves on the face of the chip and heatsink while remaining just microns thick otherwise.

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