What is a Sleep Number Bed and which one should you buy in Memorial Day mattress sales?

Sleep Number C2 smart bed in bedroom.
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Sleep Number has kickstarted their big Memorial Day mattress sale, which means you can save up to 50% on most of their smart beds. These high-tech mattresses are great for customizing your comfort and monitoring your sleep, but which Sleep Number bed should you buy in the Memorial Day sales?

Smart beds are some of the best mattresses for optimizing sleep health, and Sleep Number makes some of the most popular smart beds on the market. To help you decide which model is right for you, we'll explore the design and features of three Sleep Number beds: the c2 smart bed, the i8 smart bed, and the 360 iLE smart bed. 

The biggest Sleep Number bed saving goes to the 360 iLE, as you can now get 50% off the 360 iLE smart bed at Sleep Number, with a queen down to $2,749.50 (was $5,499). There's also 30% of the i8 bed and 10% off the c2 bed, saving you thousands of dollars.

These discounts are good news considering Sleep Number beds tend to be expensive, so we'll also look at the price and deals of each model. So, lets take a look at which Sleep Number bed you should buy in the Memorial Day mattress sales

What is a Sleep Number Bed?

Sleep Number is a high-tech mattress brand responsible for making some of the best smart beds and smart mattresses on the market. Using in-built technology, these smart beds optimize your sleep and health by adjusting firmness, regulating temperature, and monitoring your sleep cycles and fitness. They're controlled via the official Sleep Number app, so data can be delivered to you on your smartphone every morning after the bed's sensors track your sleep.

Sleep Number beds are divided into 5 series: Classic (most affordable), Performance (enhanced pressure relief), Innovation (advanced temperature control), Memory Foam (more contouring comfort), and Climate 360 (luxury cooling and warming). 

The c2 smart bed is from the Classic series, while the i8 smart bed and 360 iLE Limited Edition smart bed are from the Innovation series. 

Sleep Number bed: Prices and trials

Smart mattresses do not come cheap, with many carrying a higher price tag than some of the best luxury mattresses. Luckily, Sleep Number regularly throw sales, but the size of the price drops usually hinge on model and the time of year. For example, discounts are quite small outside holiday events, but major sale events such as Black Friday and Presidents' Day see the biggest discounts. However, some models aren't included in the deal and are still sold at full retail price. 

The Memorial Day sale has knocked up to 50% off a wide range of mattresses across different series, with some models half-price and others only 10% off. The bed that has received the full 50% discount is  the limited edition 360 iLE. While it's the most expensive bed out of the three when sold at MSRP, a queen-size 360 iLE has actually become cheaper than fellow Innovation series model, the i8 bed, thanks to the half-price sale. A queen 360 iLE is now $2,749.50 (down from $5,499), while a queen-size i8 bed is 30% off and now $2,799.30 ($3,999). 

Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed

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The c2 bed, meanwhile, is Sleep Number's least expensive mattress. While it has the smallest discount at 10% off, it's still remarkably affordable for a smart mattress. The starting price for a twin is now $629.10 (was $699), and a queen is now $989.10 (MSRP: $1,099), which means it is now one of the best mattresses under $1,000.

All Sleep Number beds come with a 100-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty. However, premium delivery and setup at $249 is required with the purchase of any Sleep Number smart bed. There is also a lot of extras that can only be unlocked for an additional fee, so be aware of any hidden costs before you purchase.

Sleep Number bed: Design

The amount and sophistication of each Sleep Number bed's features are usually dependent on the price and model. However, all Sleep Number beds include adjustable firmness (where you can control how hard or soft your side of the bed is), automatic responses to your movements, and sleep tracking via in-built sensors and the Sleep Number app. The Sleep Number app collects the data from the trackers and condenses it into a Sleep IQ score that gives you personal insights into your sleep quality.

The c2 bed has the most basic design and is only 8" tall. Like all the brand's mattresses, it includes adjustable firmness and sleep tracking. The slim design consists of a 2" contouring comfort layer and a ceramic gel layer that draws heat away from your body to provide a cooler night's sleep. 

Sleep Number 360 iLE Limited Edition Smart Bed

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Up next is the i8 bed, the most popular mattress of the temperature-balancing Innovation series. The amount of ceramic gel used is quadruples for advanced temperature control, while superior support and pressure relief is delivered through 12" of highly supportive tiers and plush layers.

The 360 iLE is also part of the Innovation series and has a remarkably similar 12" design to the i8, only its layers are more focused on soothing, plush comfort than support temperature balance, making it a better fit for side sleepers who need more cushioning.

Sleep Number bed: Support and comfort

Woman and man sleeping in a Sleep Number smart bed.

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The c2 bed is part of the more affordable Classic series, which means it delivers ressure relief, temperaure balance, and support, but not as much as the models in the more expensive series. For example, the i8 and 360 iLE are part of the Innovation series, a range that offers high support, advanced cooling, and the most generous pressure relief.

Of the two Innovation series beds, the i8 bed delivers more support and more advanced temperature control, while the 360 iLE offers more comfort and plushness. Both offer a great deal of comfort and support thanks to the adjustable firmness, but side sleepers may be better off with the 360 iLE while hot sleepers may prefer the i8 bed.

Sleep Number bed: Which should you buy?

Buy the c2 bed if...

✅ You're on a tight budget. The c2 bed is the most affordable Sleep Number mattress, with a queen now under $1,000.

✅ You want the essentials: The c2 provides all you'll need from a smart bed, including sleep tracking and adjustable firmness. 

✅ You have a smaller space: Its 8" design is relatively slim and perfect for lightweight sleepers, those with mobility issues, and small bedrooms.

Sleep Number c2 smart bed:$629.10 at Sleep Number

Sleep Number c2 smart bed: was from $699 | $629.10 at Sleep Number
The most affordable of the Sleep Number range, the c2 smart bed has all the essentials you would expect from a smart mattress, including sleep tracking and adjustable firmness. It's now 10% off, reducing a queen to under $1,000. 

Buy the i8 bed if...

✅ You're a hot sleeper: The bed contains four times more heat-dissipating ceramic gel for advanced cooling through the night. But for very hot sleepers, the Eight Sleep Pod 4 is a better choice. Check out our Eight Sleep vs Sleep Number smart mattress showdown to learn more.

You want more support: Contains highly supportive layers to conform to your body. 

You want to invest in your sleep health: It may be the more expensive option, but it's advance cooling and support is a good investment for your sleep quality. 

Sleep Number i8 smart bed | $3,399 at Sleep Number

Sleep Number i8 smart bed: was from $2,379.30 | $3,399 at Sleep Number
The i8 bed is the most popular model of the innovation series thanks to its advanced temperature control, superior support, and enhanced pressure relief. It is now 30% off (was 25% off last month) reducing a queen-size to $2,799.30 ($3,999). We recommend this high-tech bed to hot sleepers looking for the best cooling mattress and those looking for contouring support. 

Buy the 360 iLE bed if...

 You're a side sleeper: The 360 iLE bed provides plush pressure relief and comfort layers to cushion your joints when sleeping on your side. 

You want to save money: One of the most expensive beds has received the biggest price drops (making it cheaper than models that usually cost less). 

✅ You prefer a softer mattress: The 360 iLE prioritises comfort over support. 

Sleep Number 360 iLE smart bed$4,899 at Sleep Number

Sleep Number 360 iLE smart bed: was from $2,499.50 | $4,899 at Sleep Number
Sleep Number's limited edition bed is part of the pressure-relieving, temperature-balancing Innovation series. It features a generous amount of plush comfort layers for soothing pressure relief, making it a perfect fir for side sleepers. It is now 50% off, saving you $2,749.50 on a queen-size. 

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