Save 30% on Brooklyn Bedding’s best cooling mattress for hot sleepers

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If the onset of spring has kickstarted a search for one of the best cooling mattresses, you’re in luck — the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe is currently 30% off, which means you can save up to $799 on one of the best beds for temperature regulation. This current flash sale means that you can buy a queen size Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe for $1,585.50 (was $2,265.)

Like the Saatva Classic, which we rate as the overall best mattress on the market today, the Aurora Luxe is available in three different firmness options, which means it’s comfortable and supportive for most sleeping styles. Hot sleepers in particular will appreciate the Aurora Luxe’s outstanding temperature regulation, which is why it ranks so highly in our best cooling mattress buyer's guide. 

This current deal from Brooklyn Bedding is the best price we’ve seen on this top ranking cooling mattress since February’s Presidents’ Day mattress sales, and is likely the lowest price you’ll likely get this side of the Memorial Day mattress sales. This makes now an excellent time to invest in one of the best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers. 

Aurora Luxe Cooling by Brooklyn Bedding

Aurora Luxe Cooling by Brooklyn Bedding
from $1,199
Now: from $839.30
Saving: Up to $799.50 at Brooklyn Bedding

Summary:  The Aurora Luxe Cooling by Brooklyn Bedding strikes a keen balance between comfort and support, and reliable temperature regulation. While it doesn’t provide the same level of cooling as some specialist cooling beds (like the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Breeze, for example), it’s also a fraction of the price. Make no mistake, at $2,265 at MSRP for a queen (currently on sale for $1,585.50), this is still a bed in the upper premium price category. What you get for that price is customizable comfort (choose between three different firmness options, Soft, Medium and Firm), six layers of support, anti-microbial foam to keep mold at bay (crucial if you live somewhere with high humidity), plus a cover with cooling phase-changing material which helps wick away moisture and keep temperatures. This is all topped off with a GlacioTex cooling cover that feels cool to the touch, and helps remove excess heat from the very top of the bed to prevent you from overheating while you sleep. The Aurora Luxe is still an investment even at 30% off, but a worthwhile one if you’re a hot sleeper looking for some cooling relief without sacrificing support and comfort. 

Price history: Evergreen mattress sales from Brooklyn Bedding typically range between 20 - 30%, with the latter usually reserved for major sale events, like Black Friday. The last time we saw prices drop to 30% off was during the Presidents' Day mattress sales in February, which was the last time you could buy a queen size Aurora Luxe for $1,585.50 (was $2,265.) This means that now is an excellent time to buy one of the best cooling mattresses.

Benefits: 120 night trial | Free shipping | 10 year warranty 

Are cooling mattresses worth it?  

If you often find that your sleep is disrupted by overheating at night then, yes — a cooling mattress is worth the investment. Other signs that you need a cooling mattress include waking up in a hot sweat, regardless of the season and struggling to fall asleep at night. 

Cooling mattresses are specialist beds and can command a higher price tag, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pay a fortune for reliable temperature regulation. The Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress is our top choice for budget cooling, with a queen size bed costing just $699. You can read our Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress review for a closer look at why we rate this best affordable mattress so highly. 

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