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Xbox Game Pass for PC: Price, Games, Release Date and More

Microsoft just announced during its Xbox E3 Media Briefing that Xbox Game Pass for PC is out in beta as we speak. This comes after the announcement subscription package that includes Game Pass for Xbox and Xbox Live called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Credit: Microsoft

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new subscription service for PC gamers.

What is Xbox Game Pass for PC?

Similar to Game Pass for Xbox, this version of Game Pass gives PC gamers access to a large library of over 100 PC games to download through the Xbox app for Windows for a monthly fee. The games in the library will change month-to-month and will include new releases. Games like Gears of War 5 and Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Flight Simulator were just recently announced that will be available for download at launch on Game Pass.

When will Game Pass for PC launch?

Game Pass for PC beta is out now via the Xbox App in the Windows Store with access to about 100 games ready to download.

How much does Xbox Game Pass for PC cost?

Game Pass for PC is available in beta for $9.99 per month. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines Xbox Live Gold and Game Passes for both PC and Xbox for only $14.99 a month.

Currently, there's a promotion that’ll get you Game Pass for PC for only $4.99 for your first month, or you can try out Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the super low price of $1 for the first month. For a break down of all the costs, check out our handy guide to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

How is Xbox Game Pass for PC different from Game Pass for Xbox?

The biggest difference comes in what games are available. Popular PC games such as Imperator: Rome and Football Manager 2020 are just two examples of the types of games that’ll come to the PC version of Game Pass. Game Pass for PC will also see the debut of The Master Chief Collection on PC. Since Game Pass works alongside your Xbox Live Gold account, you’ll be able to unlock Xbox Achievements across both platforms on Microsoft first-party games.

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