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How to Transfer iPhone Photos to Android

If you're switching from iPhone to Android, you have picture-perfect problem. Over the course of your time with the iPhone, you've taken tons of photos with its stellar iSight camera. You certainly don’t want to lose those pictures when you make the move to Android, and need a way to get those pictures on your new phone quickly and easily. Fortunately, Google's Google+ social network will have your pictures backed up to your Google account in no time if you follow these steps.

1. Connect to Wi-Fi on your iPhone. Uploading photos to the cloud consumes a lot of data. Connect to Wi-Fi to ensure the upload doesn’t count against your carrier’s data cap.

2. Download the Google+ app from the App Store. Once finished, locate the Google+ app on your iPhone and launch it.

3. Sign in to the Google+ app on your iPhone.

4. Tap "Turn on Auto Backup" on the "Back up your Photos" page. The next screen will ask if you want to upload photos and videos already in your camera roll.

5. Tap "Yes" when prompted to backup your existing photos and videos. Once clicked, photos and videos that you've already taken will begin uploading to Google+ in the background.

6. Sign in to the Google+ app on your Android Phone. Your iPhone photos will be in your "Photos" section on Google+ for Android, or in the “Auto Backup” folder in the Gallery Android app.

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