10 Best Mobile Browsers

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  • samuelspark
    Why there no windows phone browser?
  • razor512
    why cant they just bring over the firefox desktop UI to the tablet version. a tablet screen is big enough. I like being able to see all of the tabs in the main UI like with the desktop browser.

    another annoying thing is that those browsers tend to load pages slower than the stock browser (even opera mini loads pages slower)
  • fb39ca4
    Where's Mercury?
  • darkchazz
    Too bad chrome on android is a slow laggy unoptimized piece of junk.
  • youcanDUit
    opera FTW. you can download restricted videos and podcasts to watch later.
  • pyro226
    I own an iPod Touch 4th generation. Google chrome's interface is best but crashes, Safari is more stable but has a horrible interface, and I don't even know what is wrong with Opera. Opera doesn't load pages as a mobile browser should, and it constantly crashes if a web page is too complex. The entire mobile browsing on an iPod touch 4 makes me cringe.
  • siddallj
    Wheres Next Browser ? that's an awesome browser for Droid
  • bota ahmed
  • erniecolorado1
    The most secure, current and progressive browser is and always will be Internet Explorer, now version 11. It is proven, and in a study by the leading internet security software from Emsisoft, Online Armour and Anti-malware, they rated Internet Explorer as the best in fighting malware as well. This is why even if I did use a Smartphone, I would ONLY buy the Windows 8 phones, especially from Nokia, which blows all others away. And yes I have used and tested ALL models available. I do it for a living as well and have a masters in computer engineering.
  • ldun
    No love for BB10?
  • Kuixiv
    Firefox is horrible ever since the latest update.
  • Reviews Guide
    I Use Dolphin and Safari browser. Both are working very nice. I feel safe and secure and can surf better on there browsers
  • niwaho
    I disagree with this article's positive reviews of Chrome and Firefox for Android. IMO they are both so bad that they are practically useless. Both have unintuitive UIs and both insist on staying open in the background when you don't use them. Chrome is slow and laggy while Firefox lacks core features like bookmark folders. The stock Android browser is better but not safe. Think I will try CM next. Or maybe Javelin.

    UPDATE: So I tried Javelin, and my first impression is ... wow.
    This seems to be pretty much everything one could wish for: Fast, sleek, intuitive, supreme bookmarks handling, built-in ad-blocker, incognito-mode and even a cheap VPN option if you need that. I think I am sold.

    Also tried CM, which clearly has a lot going for it, too. It feels even faster than Javelin and apparently has some added safety features, but it's UI is slightly less convincing (though heads and shoulders above both Chrome and Firefox).
  • Vlad Rose
    I can't view the article for more than 5 seconds at a time since an HP advertisement pops up over and over. It made it a royal pain to even post this. Please fix the page.....
  • Willie0
    Does phone applications require vpn to work? I don't have any idea about this.
  • fios-dave
    The Edge browser is available for Windows 10 for Smartphones. I have been running it on my Nokia Lumia 1020 for about two months.
  • Aurobindo
    Microsoft Edge is much more efficient than Chrome and Firefox, although it lacks advanced features at the moment. Too bad, it's Windows 10 Mobile exclusive.