Best Cheap TVs 2019 (under $250): What to Buy, What to Avoid

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    It should be called small TV's for about right prices.
  • aurorablue1976
    I bought a SHARP 50 inch Ultra 4K Smart TV last February from Walmart for $249.
  • jdlech2
    How did a $362 TV get into an article for TVs under $250?
  • davidisegg
    I have a 36" CRT TV i am willing to trade anyone for their 4K flat screen.. mine is not so beautiful but i will be willing to sacrifice my CRT RCA for any Flat Scren Smart TV.. mine is only 24 years old and makes a great paper weight or a Target for out door shooting.. so the first one who trades me also gets a 55 gallon drum of peanut butter that i got at a government auction from WW2 items kept in government warehouses plus a 100 pound bag of lemon drops .. again ww2 items the government kept till now and the peanut butter is still fresh.. this deal is too good to pass up.. ill trade anyone that has a samsung 60-70" flat screen TV.. you could be eating peanut butter for the restof youjr life and for desert you could be chawing down on lemon drops that are still pretty good.. made with real lemons not that crappy fake sugar..