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Ultra Rare NES Game Sells for $41,300

An exceptionally rare game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System has sold on eBay for $41,300.

The game is Stadium Events, published by Bandai, and is generally accepted as the rarest of all NES games released in North America. The game is rare due to its limited run of what is believed to be around 2,000 copies; and due to a Nintendo accessory licensing issue with the Family Fun Fitness Control Mat (which would eventually become Nintendo's Power Pad), an estimated 200 copies reached consumers.

The eBay auction was able to reach such an astonishing price due to the game being still factory sealed. The seller noted, "This was bought over 20 years ago so my memories are fuzzy…What I remember is that we bought it thinking that we could play it by itself and then realized that we needed the pad (?).  Somewhere in there it was recalled so the pads weren't available when we went to purchase it.  We never got around to returning the game...lucky us!"

Lucky them, indeed.