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Verizon Reveals Prepaid Smartphone Data Plans

Earlier in the week, we'd heard that Verizon was planning to bring its line of smartphones to prepaid customers along with special prepaid data plans (because what's a smartphone without the data?). Yesterday afternoon, Verizon confirmed these plans and announced that yes, all of its Android phones, along with BlackBerrys and the Palm Pixi and Pre would be available to prepaid customers with a $30 per month unlimited data plan. Big Red is also adding a plan for users of 3G multimedia phones (such as the LG Touch and the LG Chocolate Touch), which offers users 25MB per month for $10. It's not immediately clear if owners of 3G multimedia phones can opt for the unlimited package instead.

The new packages will be available in online and brick and mortar stores starting September 28.

Check out the full list of phones that can avail of the new plans below:

3G Smartphones

* BlackBerry Curve 8330
* BlackBerry Curve 8530
* BlackBerry Storm 9530
* BlackBerry Storm2 9550
* BlackBerry Tour 9630
* BlackBerry Bold 9650
* Palm Pre Plus
* Palm Pixi Plus
* DROID by Motorola
* Motorola DEVOUR
* DROID X by Motorola
* DROID 2 by Motorola
* DROID Eris by HTC
* DROID Incredible by HTC
* LG Ally

3G Multimedia phones

* LG enV3
* LG Chocolate TOUCH
* LG VX8360
* Samsung Alias 2
* Samsung Renown
* Nokia Twist
* Casio EXILIM