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The Galaxy Note 10 Will Be This Massive (Report)

Thanks to the mobile trend of more people adopting larger phones, Samsung is slated to release its 10th generation Galaxy Note series behemoth. How big is too big for a phone? It looks like Samsung is supersizing its next phablet, and it should be even bigger than the iPhone XS Max.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

A new report out of Korea via says the Galaxy Note 10 will feature a 6.66-inch display. The current Galaxy Note 9 offers a 6.4-inch panel, while the iPhone XS Max's screen is 6.5 inches.

Samsung is working on even bigger phones. It's foldable Infinity Flex Display unfurls to 7.3 inches and is 4.58 inches when closed up. That screen will probably show up on the Galaxy X or Galaxy F. But not everyone wants a phone that doubles as a tablet.

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Still, 6.66 inches is pretty huge for a phone. The reports say the Note 10 also has a code name, which is DaVinci. Korean site, The Bell reported about a month ago that the Note 10 would have this size display along with the same code name as above.


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The Galaxy Note 10 will also likely use Qualcomm's next big processor in the Snapdragon 8150, which has allegedly beat Apple's A12 Bionic on one leaked benchmark.

If Samsung follows a similar pattern for 2019, the Note 10 will likely launch in mid-to-late August. What's not known is whether the Note 10 will launch with 5G capability.

The Galaxy S10 will launch ahead of the Note 10, presumably in February. And we've already got a sneak peek at the Galaxy S10's design from the most reliable Samsung leaker.

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    What a waste of time, useless article. Seriously.??
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    @shawndugout13 Thanks for your comment. I disagree as the rumors are starting early. We will update this article over time as more rumors surface.
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    What a waste of time, useless article. Seriously.??