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No Fly Phone: FAA Issues Galaxy Note 7 Warning

In the wake of the Galaxy Note 7's major exploding battery issue, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) believes that Samsung's new phone can't fly. Or at least that owners of the device should keep the well-reviewed-but-volatile handsets turned off during flights.

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(Image credit: Alex Brylov /

This news came from an official FAA statement issued yesterday (Sept. 8) that reads "In light of recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices, the Federal Aviation Administration strongly advises passengers not to turn on or charge these devices on board aircraft and not to stow them in any checked baggage."

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Why someone would choose to bring the explosive smartphone onto a plane with them at this point is beyond us, but we hope that major airlines are taking Note of this warning and enforcing it on their flights.

According to a press release, Samsung is currently allowing Note 7 owners to exchange their phone via contacting the retail outlet where they purchased the device or by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG. The company has halted sales of the faulty smartphone, which could allow the new iPhone 7 to gobble up even more sales when it launches on Sept. 16.