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Black Friday TV deal: This amazing 75-inch Samsung QLED TV is over $700 off right now

samsung q70t black friday deal
(Image credit: Samsung)

If you’re thinking about upgrading your old TV for something larger or more hi-tech, then boy do we have the Black Friday deal for you.

For a limited time Amazon has this Samsung 75-inch 4K QLED TV on sale for $1,497. That’s not cheap, but it’s still $702 off the normal price and one of the best big Black Friday TV deals we’ve seen so far.


Samsung Q70T 75-inch QLED TV: was $2,199 now $1,497 @ Amazon
The Samsung Q70T range offers great value for what you get, and this 75-inch QLED display offers 4K resolution, HDR10+, 4K upscaling, a 120Hz native refresh rate, and more streaming apps than you'll know what to do with. 

Samsung’s Q70T range isn’t right at the top of Samsung premium 4K TV range, but it still comes with all the same high-quality image processing and upscaling you’d expect from a more expensive screen. We declared it a great value in our Samsung Q70T review, and now it’s even more so.

With it you get a 75-inch Quantum dot LED display with 4K UHD resolution, HDR10+ support, a 120Hz native refresh rate, AI-powered 4K upscaling, and all the streaming options that come with Samsung Tizen-based TV operating system. That includes Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and Apple TV that are pre-installed. It also comes with support for Alexa, Google Assistant, and if you really must use it, Bixby.

It’s still a lot of money for a TV, but what a TV it is. Not only does that QLED screen offer much richer colors that you probably have now, it’s also got the high resolution and refresh rates to make your next-gen gaming look fantastic. And when you’re not using it, you can knock it into Ambient Mode to hide the fact it’s a big blank screen.

If this isn’t for you, then don’t forget to check out all our favorite Black Friday TV deals. We’re constantly on the hunt for new bargains, and all the best will be going into our hub. And if you need something else, make sure to check out our main Black Friday deals page for more ways to save money. 

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  • gfinkelhoffer
    This is a bit OT but maybe you can answer my question? Why are smart TV's so much cheaper than a computer monitor? Don't they cost more to make than a monitor?
  • rgd1101
    which one exactly?
  • gfinkelhoffer
    Which TV or which monitor? I am asking generally. I see TVs 32" & larger selling for a paltry sum but a monitor for the same size is way more. As an example, you can get a 43" TCL for $229.00 but a 32" monitor is around $100.00 more. I don't understand it.
  • rgd1101
    what the spec? could be better resolution/refresh rate. can't just compare just the size