Most exciting 2024 TVs — all the coolest LG, Samsung, Hisense, and TCL TVs this year

TCL QM89 Mini-LED TV on wall in living room
(Image credit: TCL)

The year of 2024 is set to bring some truly enticing TVs our way. From LG’s exciting AI-enhanced offerings, to Samsung’s anti-glare-sporting displays, there’s a veritable slew of amazing TV technology to get hyped for in the coming few months. 

Whether it be Mini-LEDs, OLEDs, or even 8K projectors, the following displays are my personal most anticipated TVs of 2024 and could well be major touchstones in the ecosystem provided all the specs truly match their projected weight. 

Side note: Although Sony has not yet announced its 2024 TV lineup just yet, it’s safe to assume the company’s models will likely find their way onto this list in due time. 

To set itself apart from the best TVs of 2024, these upcoming examples likely won't be the best in terms of sheer value, but they prove just how far the technology is headed and why people like me can’t wait to see what’s in store next year — and thereafter. So, let’s see how far TVs have come. 

Hisense U76N Mini-LED TV

Hisense U76N QLED in living room on stand

(Image credit: Hisense)

Already available for purchase — and through several markdowns, too — Hisense’s 100-inch U76N Mini-LED TV is one of those TVs I just can’t stop thinking about. While it might be a bit large for most people, it serves as that perfect home entertainment upgrade, bringing the cinema to your living room with a 144Hz, IMAX Enhanced, and Dolby Atmos supporting screen. 

After testing the U7K Mini-LED TV, one of the best TVs under $1,000, I’m quite excited to see what Hisense brings to the table this year with its U76N. Not only does it have some relatively strong specs at a great price, but I'm absolutely convinced games like “Elden Ring” are going to look epic on this massive screen. 

Hisense U8N Mini-LED TV 

Hisense U8N Mini-LED TV on stand in living room

(Image credit: Hisense)

As one of the slickest TVs among the Hisense 2024 TV lineup yet featuring little fanfare, the Hisense U8N Mini-LED TV deserves some time in the spotlight. The U8N, alongside the Hisense U7N, will be sporting the company’s newest Hi-View Engine Pro processor, which is set to enhance performance and picture — among a variety of other aspects behind performance and picture quality. 

We don’t have any official pricing on the U8N just yet, but it’s safe to assume this model won’t be too much of a wallet-buster. Last year’s U8K now sits at about $1,199 for its 75-inch model, and Hisense is known for its incredible value — thus, why I’m so stoked for the U8N. 

The U8N is set to leverage 3,000 nits of brightness and up to 2,000 dimming zones. Like its U76N cousin, it will also come equipped with IMAX Enhanced certification and a Game Mode Pro for streamlined gaming functionality. The U8N will also have 144Hz refresh rate and use Google TV as its main OS, making content surfing an utter breeze. In short, the U8N is where affordability and performance intersect perfectly, and I'm excited to test it out for myself.


LG announced its pricing for the LG G4 OLED and LG C4 OLED TVs, which are slated for official shipments come late March. You can even preorder the LG G4 OLED starting today — that is, of course, if you think it’s truly among the most anticipated 2024 TVs and worth that instant purchase. 

Looking beyond its pricing, the LG G4 OLED definitely sports some tantalizing specs that make it a worthwhile inclusion on this list and potentially even among the best gaming TVs when all is said and done. Its A11 chipset, for one, is quite the new technological leap, injecting a multitude of AI enhancements that will gift the G4 some serious legs over the competition, namely in terms of brightness.  

While its price is certainly not one of its shining features, sitting at $2,599 for its 55-inch model, the G4 OLED is still quite an exciting entry in LG’s 2024 TV lineup, one I’m jazzed to see in person.  


LG QNED99T TV on wall in living room

(Image credit: LG)

There aren’t that many reasons yet for spending a boat load of cash on one of the best 8K TVs when there’s just no real 8K content out there, let alone 8K gaming — we’ll have to wait for the PlayStation 6 for that. As far as entertainment goes, Samsung is supposedly working with Hollywood studios to devise 8K movie trailers with WB Discovery, which plainly shows where we’re at right now in the 8K content movement. 

Despite that, I’m still incredibly excited to see what LG has in store for its 8K QNED99T Mini-LED TV, a model that will only be available in either an 86-inch or 75-inch model. The QNED99T, like many options on this list of the most anticipated 2024 TVs, certainly won’t come cheap, but will offer you a future-proofed window into the next generation of entertainment. 

Unlike the aforementioned G4 OLED, the QNED99T will leverage LG’s A8 chipset for supposedly 2.3-fold better graphics and 1.6 faster processing. It won’t look as crisp as LG’s OLED lineup, but its 8K resolution will definitely make up for that. Given that last year’s LG QNED 99 didn’t fare too well in our review, given its limited upscaling potential and sluggish controls, I’m hoping the newest iteration can make up for these faults — and then some. 


The TCL QM89 at a TCL event at CES 2024.

(Image credit: Future)

Like Hisense’s U76N before it, the TCL QM89 Mini-LED TV is set to be one of the most stunning, larger-than-life displays of the year and will entrance every visitor that’s lucky enough to behold its wonder. Yes, it’s 115-inch of pure Mini-LED magic, utilizing a sophisticated quantum dot filter that allows it improved brightness and color. Thus, isn't the only thing that it has going for it. 

Upon viewing at CES 2024, the QM89 wowed entrants due to its incredible color coverage, hitting 98% of the DCI-P3 scale. TCL also claims it uses 5,000 nits of brightness and 20,000 local dimming zones, making this one of the most sophisticated entertainment setups of the year — though you will need quite a large living space to fit that 115-inch of real estate it demands. 

As for gaming, the QM89 can hit a 144Hz refresh rate for the most optimal PC play. Its 6.2.2-channel speaker is also sure to keep you immersed in whatever’s happening on the screen. We don’t yet know what pricing will look like on the QM89, but it’s safe to assume it’ll be a hefty premium. 


TCL Q651G-Pro QLED TV on living room wall

(Image credit: TCL)

Of TCL’s 2024 TV lineup, the Q6-Pro QLED TV stands out as an interesting offering for gamers. It has a base refresh rate of 120Hz that can be boosted to 240Hz VRR via the new Game Accelerator mode, though this only comes equipped on the enhanced 85-inch model, which is quite a bummer but just proves of the immense focus of ever-larger screens in the TV industry. 

Full array local dimming, a bezel-less design, and even hands-free voice controls also let the Q6-Pro stand out as one of the most anticipated TVs of 2024. The display’s panel technology, which uses high brightness pro LED backlighting, allows the Q6-Pro QLED TV as much as a 33% higher peak brightness over previous entries. 

Although it might not be at the forefront of TCL's new TVs, I still am pretty stoked to see this display in action, most especially in the gaming department, especially now that "Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth" is out in the wild. 

Samsung S90D OLED TV

Samsung’s OLED designs come renowned as some of the very best OLED TVs, and it’s safe to assume that its next models will only further Samsung’s still-growing grip on the market. The S90D OLED TV is proof of Samsung’s continued efforts in advancing display technology and though it will cost quite the penny, the features underpinning it are sure to make it one of the most anticipated 2024 TVs. 

Given that it will be outshined by Samsung’s S95D, I had to give the S90D some love. It’s still quite a beautiful display, outfitted with Samsung’s new Quantum Processor 4K, and hopefully will be a bit lighter on the wallet against its superior offering. It will come in only three sizes, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch, while also having Pantone Validation and a 120Hz refresh rate. 

Like most Samsung TVs, the S90D will also have several gaming upgrades that will make it the perfect base for all RPG and FPS experiences. While only 120Hz, the TV’s Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro feature will bump it up to 144Hz VRR at 4K, similar but not identical to LG's 2024 OLED TVs. If Samsung's previous OLEDs are anything to go off of, we have every reason to look forward to the S90D.

Samsung QN85D QLED TV 

The Samsung QN900D Neo QLED 8K TV

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Although it might be at the bottom of the list of Samsung’s 2024 TV lineup, the QN85D QLED is my most anticipated TV among the manufacturer’s QLED offerings. We don’t quite know what pricing might look like, though Samsung TVs are going to be expensive, making the QN85D the potential sweet spot in terms of getting the best performance at the best possible MSRP. 

This TV will come equipped, like many among the most anticipated 2024 TVs, a slew of AI enhancements, namely Motion Xcelerator Pro, AI HDR remastering, and even an Eye Comfort Mode. The QN85D is built on Samsung’s NeoSlim Design, ensuring you get a display that can fit in practically any space within the home, whether it be the kitchen or the bathroom. 

Samsung’s QN85D QLED TV is set to come in four sizes, an 85-inch, 75-inch, 65-inch, and 55-inch models. It definitely won’t stand too high against the 8K behemoth that is the QN900D, but there’s few if any downsides to this (hopefully) very affordable TV.

Samsung Premiere 8K projector 

The Premiere 8K from Samsung might be one of the most anticipated projectors of the year, a potential world-class addition to UST displays against dominating contenders like the Formovie Theater and the EpiqVision Ultra LS800. Pricing as of yet remains unclear, and is sure to bring quite a hefty premium, but the features underpinning the technology might well make that sticker price all the more worth it. 

The Premiere 8K is set to leverage 4,000 ANSI lumens of brightness — as much as Epson’s LS800, making it ideal for tackling ambient lighting. It will also boast AI-upscaled 8K content, hence its name, despite utilizing Samsung’s renowned Wireless Connect Box for wireless connectivity — a potential first for the projector industry. 

An 8.2.2-channel speaker with Dolby Atmos support will also keep audio immersion at its highest potential. If that wasn’t enough, the Sound-on-Screen feature ensures that audio populates the room as if it were coming directly from the screen rather than a speaker system. But, more exciting all of is the Lightwarp function, a new interactivity mode on Samsung’s 2024 projectors, which will allow you to use the projector like a hybrid touchscreen. 

It won't be cheap, obviously, but anyone in search of a cutting-edge beamer shouldn't pass over the Premiere 8K — it's likely to be one of the best projectors of 2024.

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