Samsung TVs are going to be more expensive in 2024 — here's the proof

The Samsung S95D OLED at CES 2024.
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At an EU-focused event on Friday, Samsung announced its European pricing structure for its 2024 TV lineup, and it seems even Samsung isn't immune to the effects of inflation. From the looks of things, the cost of the average Samsung TV is up by about 10% with some OLED TV models, like the 43-inch Samsung QN90D, going up by 30% from €1,299 last year to €1,699 in 2024. 

While you can get the full breakdown on TechRadar, a small sampling of the data reveals the larger trend: Samsung TVs are getting more expensive in 2024.

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Model Name65-inch price for 202465-inch price for 2023
S90D / S90C€3,099€2,799
QN90D / QN90C€3,099€2,999
S95D / S95C€3,699€3,299
QN900D / 900C€7,799€7,999
QN800D / QN800C€4,199€3,999
QN85D / QN85C€2,399€2,299
Q70D / Q70C€1,499€1,799
Q60D / Q60C€1,399€1,399

Although there are a lot of increases across the board, not every series will see a price hike. As you can see in the table above, the Samsung Q60D will stay the same price as last year's Samsung Q60C, while the Samsung QN900D and Samsung Q70D will actually launch at a slightly lower price than their predecessors. 

Maybe it won't be so bad in the US or UK?

So this data comes with the caveat that there can be substantial differences between US and EU pricing models. That comes down to the cost of shipping to the EU and the differences in tariffs and taxes. Samsung could also decide to price its TVs differently in both regions simply due to them having different market conditions.

In short, don't expect to see a one-to-one relationship between the EU prices Samsung announced today and the US prices announced in the future.

Instead, what's worth focusing on is the general trend — which, for the most part, shows that Samsung TVs launching in 2024 are going to cost more than their predecessors. That's very different from the past when new TVs tended to cost just as much at launch as the same models from the year prior. This increased cost could be the major reason that TV sales are dragging in 2024

So what's a TV lover to do? Well, the best solution for anyone who wants to stick with Samsung is to wait for the TVs to go on sale later this year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Another option is to look at some of the lower-cost competition that has moved into the market (TCL and Hisense) that offer similar performance for less. Lastly, you can pick up one of last year's models — like the fantastic Samsung S95C OLED — this year at a discounted price when the new models come out.

Until Samsung takes the wraps off its US and UK 2024 pricing structure in March or April, however, we won't be able to make any definitive recommendations.

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