Tackle wet spillages on DIY plumbing jobs with a Kärcher Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner

Water spillages from pipework can cause damage if not dealt with quickly, not to mention the mess dirty water can make. 

That's why a wet and dry vacuum like the Kärcher WD 5 can be a useful addition to your tool kit when fixing a tap or pipe fitting yourself. It's a vacuum cleaner that can not only pick up dry waste – but wet too.

And if you are tackling a task like changing a sink or even your bath or toilet, the WD 5 can get right inside small spaces to vacuum up water, old silicone and wood debris from the job.

It doesn't matter how big or small the plumbing task is, the Kärcher WD 5 is great to have by your side.

More suction power for the toughest DIY jobs

The Kärcher WD 5 is built with DIY in mind. It has a powerful 1100 watt motor giving 240 air watts, which means it can vacuum heavy duty waste without adding much to your electricity bill because of its energy efficiency.

There's a five-metre long power cable and a 2.2 metre-long hose for any hard-to-reach places. It also has a unique self-cleaning filter functionality, so your suction power will always be consistent while using the machine.

With its large 25-litre plastic container, there's plenty of capacity for vacuuming wet and dry mess from a job; particularly handy when tackling an unexpected leak.

Easy to switch between wet and dry pickup

Kärcher WD 5

The Kärcher WD 5 switches easily to wet pickup mode simply by pushing the switch on the floor nozzle (Image credit: Future / Rachael Smith)

Because the WD 5 has been designed specifically for heavy duty tasks around the home, there's no faff when switching between wet and dry pickup. 

That means it’s easy to switch between vacuuming up dry debris to any significant spillages like water pouring out of a pipe. All you need to do is push the switch on the floor nozzle. You don't need to swap out the flat pleat filter or add a cover as the WD 5 has been designed to work interchangeably with the one filter. It's impressively quick and easy.

The WD 5 also has a pop-out filter box, a design unique to only Kärcher products, so you can safely clean out the filter without contact with any dirt.

Easy to wheel out and carry around

Kärcher WD 5

The  Kärcher WD 5 is lightweight and easy to carry to the next DIY job (Image credit: Future / Rachael Smith)

The WD 5 is kitted out with space for all the accessories in the bumper and head storage area. This means no more having to make several journeys to the garage to fetch the accessory you need – you can just grab your Kärcher Wet & Dry vacuum and get cleaning.

Not only is the WD 5 very portable, but it's a lightweight vacuum too. It has a handle on top to carry it to the next DIY job in the house, garage or outside.

Blower functionality as an added bonus

Kärcher WD 5

The Kärcher WD 5 has a blower function too that can clean off dust from your work surface and tools (Image credit: Future / Rachael Smith)

The WD 5 is great with plumbing jobs, but can tackle so much more as well. It's compact so can be put away in your garage, cupboard or shed ready for any DIY task.

It even has blower functionality, which can be particularly useful on a DIY project for cleaning dust off tools after use.