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Score! Ring video doorbell Black Friday deal includes Echo Dot for just $41

ring video doorbell wired and echo dot 3rd gen on red background
(Image credit: Amazon)

Black Friday deals always include Amazon’s suite of gadgets, regardless of whether it’s an Echo or a Ring. This latest deal just happens to include both, getting you the Ring Video Doorbell and a third Gen Echo Dot for more than half off.

Right now the Ring Video Doorbell Wired with Echo Dot (3rd gen) for just $41 at Amazon (opens in new tab). That’s $57 less than the normal price, and makes this a fantastic way to smarten up your home and boost security.

Ring video doorbell and Echo Dot: was $97 now $41 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
The wired Ring video doorbell is already $41 for Black Friday, but this deal throws in a 3rd gen Echo Dot for the exact same price. Pretty helpful if you ask us, since the Echo Dot is also a bona fide Ring chime, and lets you talk to people at the door.

The Ring video doorbell is a great way to boost the security of your home, and make answering the door a lot more convenient. The doorbell comes with 1080p video, two-way communication, advanced motion detection, night vision and real-time notifications about what's going on outside your front door.

All that means is that you know who’s outside your door before you open it, and you can speak to them if necessary. That’s especially useful if there’s a package being delivered and you’re not at home.

Meanwhile, the Echo Dot gives you full access to the Alexa ecosystem, while also integrating with the doorbell itself. This means the speaker functions as a Ring doorbell chime, and lets you speak to people at the door without having to get out your phone.

Just be aware that this is the wired Ring doorbell, and won’t work unless you already have doorbell wiring to connect it to. Likewise, it’s recommended you buy a Ring Protect Plan (opens in new tab) (from $3 a month/$30 a year), which records your videos and saves them to the cloud for up to 60 days. 

Of course, there are plenty more of the best Ring doorbell Black Friday deals out there at the moment, as well as countless other Amazon Black Friday deals to enjoy. So if this particular bundle isn’t for you, you’re sure to find some other money-saving deal instead.

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