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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 release date, price, specs and everything else we know

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 release date, price, specs and everything else we know
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 could be the next big fitness-centric smartwatch. As a follow up to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, the Active 4 would likely introduce several upgrades and suit the company's newest smartphones.

Before you worry we've skipped a version, multiple leaks have pointed to Samsung soon launching two new smartwatches — the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Active 4 — under a sole generational number. We saw the company do this with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 last year, jumping from the original Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Currently the Galaxy Watch 3 is considered the best smartwatch for Android users, while the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has fallen in those rankings due to age. However, you can often find it for less than $200, making it one of the best cheap smartwatches right now.

The price cut could have something to do with the imminent launch of a new Galaxy Watch Active model. Although Samsung hasn't confirmed one is coming, there's enough evidence to speculate what a next-generation Galaxy Watch Active could look like, from a potential price and release date to possible features and wish-list upgrades. Here's everything we know.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 latest news (July 21)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 release date

A Samsung Unpacked event is confirmed to take place on August 11. Samsung has sent out official invitations, so we know that's the official keynote date. Samsung has introduced new wearables at its August keynote for three years in a row, so it could stick to its own precedent.

What's less certain is which smartphones the Galaxy Watch 4 will launch beside. While the Galaxy Watch 3 debuted with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. Samsung is reportedly pausing the Galaxy Note line. Instead, the invitation and other rumors suggest the Galaxy Watch 4 series will be joined by the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 price

Since the Galaxy Watch Active is a slimmer, more fitness-focused version of the Galaxy Watch, it's less expensive than Samsung's flagship. When the Galaxy Watch Active 2 launched, it cost $249 for the Bluetooth model and $299 for the LTE-equipped model. 

We'd expect Samsung to stick to this pricing model. And if it does, the Galaxy Watch Active 4 price would make it a direct competitor to the $279 Apple Watch SE and $229 Fitbit Versa 3. But assuming it continues all the features found in the previous Galaxy Watch, it would have ECG readings, unlike its similarly-priced rivals.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 specs and features

We don't know whether blood glucose monitoring will come to the Galaxy Watch Active 4, although the feature is rumored to debut a few months back. Now, it's likely Samsung will seek out an alternative health-tracking features.

Galaxy Watches are also making the jump from Samsung's proprietary wearable OS to Google's new unified Wear OS. But while the interface will look more like those of Wear OS watches, the Galaxy Watch Active 4 will have the One Watch UI platform.

Software and interface aside, the next Galaxy Watch Active will probably feature some spec upgrades. It could build on the 4GB of storage currently offered to match the Apple Watch's large storage offerings. It could get fall detection, VO2 max readings and other tools that came with the Galaxy Watch 3, too — all things that are useful to runners.

We're most interested to see how Samsung handles the Galaxy Watch Active 4 battery life. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 lasts up to 60 hours, depending on workouts and display. Samsung could maintain the Active 2's stamina, or it could shorten it like it did the Galaxy Watch 3's battery life compared to the first Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4: What we want to see

Slim design: We expect the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 will bring the Galaxy Watch 4's key features to a smaller design that better suits those who work out often. With its physical bezel and premium materials, the flagship Galaxy Watch is rather bulky, especially compared to the Apple Watch. We hope the Galaxy Watch Active tries to achieve the same slimness as Apple's smartwatch, promoting a barely-there feel while on runs or moving around. 

More mental health tools: Mental health plays a big role in physical health. We'd like to see Samsung expand its wrist-based mental health tools, whether it be stress monitoring or more sophisticated stress management options. Fitbit's recent watches and Fitbit Premium upgrades (users can now meditate with Deepak Chopra) are a good example to follow. A future Apple Watch is also rumored to get oncoming panic attack warnings to help you get out of dangerous situations, like driving.

FDA approval for blood pressure monitoring: We'd also like a feature that's already offered in the Galaxy Watch Active lineup finally earn FDA approval. Samsung has put blood pressure monitoring in the last two iterations of its smartwatch, but users in the U.S. haven't been able to take advantage of the health tool. That said, it recently went live in a slew of other countries, so the U.S. could be next.

Bookmark this page to see all the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 leaks and rumors. We'll update this page with the latest information leading up to the launch of Samsung's next fitness smartwatch.

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