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Sweet Memorial Day hot tub sale takes 48% off this sleek 7-person spa

memorial day sale hot tub spa home depot
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Memorial Day sales are the perfect excuse to enhance your outdoor set up. If you've been thinking about adding a hot tub to your patio or deck, this is a great time to consider the Coronado DLX (LS600DX). Right now, it's on sale at Home Depot for $3,399, down from the original $6,499. (opens in new tab)

Granted, dropping $3K+ on a hot tub is nothing to sneeze at, but if you're looking to build a luxury spa in your home, this sure is a good place to start.  (Don't worry, while you enjoy your super soak on the deck, there are cheaper options to keep you family happy in the backyard this summer: check out Memorial Day pool sales we're tracking!)

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Coronado DLX (LS600DX) 65-Jet, 7-Person Spa: was $6,499 now $3,399 @ The Home Depot (opens in new tab)
The Coronado DLX (LS600DX) will definitely add some luxury to your life, thanks to 65 hydrotherapy jets, which include a 14-jet nozzle blaster (for the ultimate back massage). It fits up to 7 people, and even has an adjustable waterfall, for that extra touch of swank. 

The Coronado DLX (LS600DX) 65-Jet, 7-Person Spa (opens in new tab) is a full-size hot tub that will turn your deck into a luxurious home spa. 

Measuring 81.0 x 81.0 x 34.0 inches, make sure you've got enough space for this thing. But once you've got the Coronado DLX set up, hang on to your butts. (Literally, if you crank all the settings.) 

Thanks to 65 hydrotherapy jets, which include a 14-jet nozzle blaster (for the ultimate back massage), you'll never have to worry about muscle fatigue again. Accommodating up to 7 people, the spa gives you plenty of room to stretch out, too.

The Coronado DLX uses full foam insulation for maximum heat retention, and the digital controls make it easy to adjust the jets, temperature, and lighting. It even comes with an adjustable waterfall, for an extra touch of swank.

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