I’m a sleep writer – this is why I’d buy the Helix Midnight mattress this Black Friday

The Helix Midnight mattress for side sleepers placed on a light wooden and fabric bed frame in a grey bedroom
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Helix Sleep’s USP is that they create a mattress for ‘every body,’ and I feel like the Helix Midnight mattress was created specifically with me in mind. Crafted from coils, foam and a top layer of pressure-absorbing memory foam, this hybrid was built specifically for side sleepers. Especially this side sleeper, who runs a little hot and often finds themselves sharing a bed with their wriggly little offspring.

To put it in slightly more technical terms, the Helix Midnight is a memory foam hybrid that absorbs motion transfer extremely well (no more being bounced in the air with every toss and turn). It also handles temperature regulation like a dream, which is why it rates highly in our best mattress guide.

Price-wise, this is a mattress that should, technically, sit in the upper mid-range cost bracket, but the omnipresent 20%-25% off Helix mattress sales consistently pushes the price down to the mid-range. The biggest discount we’ve seen from this brand took the price of a queen size mattress down to $999 (back in July 2023), and we’re hoping to see the same levels of savings recreated when the Black Friday mattress deals drop in a couple of weeks. And when they do, I’ll be ready — this is why…  

What is the Helix Midnight like to sleep on?  

Helix Midnight’s top layer of memory foam comfortably cradles your body, gently relieving pressure from your shoulders, hips and knees. This is excellent news for side sleepers who often wake with achy joints from sleeping on a too-firm mattress. However, during our review of the Helix Midnight mattress, our tester found that the Helix Midnight was comfortable for back sleepers too, so is a great option for combination sleepers or couples with differing sleeping styles. 

Helix Midnight mattress on a wooden bedframe, against a dark wall

Our mattress tester Ruth loved sleeping on the Helix Midnight (Image credit: 3Z for Tom's Guide)

Speaking of couples, this mattress handles motion isolation incredibly well. If, like me, you’re a light sleeper who often finds themselves being startled awake every time their bedfellow shifts positions, motion isolation is a must-have when buying a new mattress. What’s more, the Helix Midnight is quiet, so you won’t feel or hear any movement. 

The Helix Midnight performs well in terms of temperature regulation, too. This is because, as a hybrid, the layer of individually pocketed coils boosts overall breathability of the mattress. When testing, our self-confessed hot sleeper found that she stayed cool throughout the night. However, if you run particularly hot or hail from a hotter climate, there is the option of purchasing a Helix’s cooling cover, which is crafted from cutting edge GlacioTex cooling fabric.

In terms of edge support, the Helix Midnight is OK. But if you’re looking for something sturdy, perhaps take a look at our WinkBed mattress review

3 reasons to buy the Helix Midnight this Black Friday

1.  You’re a side and back sleeper 

If, like me, you fall asleep on your side, only to roll over onto your back at some point in the night, you need a mattress that supports both sleeping positions. The top layer of deep body contouring memory foam cradles your body, relieving pressure from shoulders, hips and knees. There is then a second layer of foam, which stops you from sinking in too deeply. Helix rates this as a medium firm, but during testing we found it ran slightly firmer (6.5-7 out of 10). This means that you still get that pillowy ‘sink in’ feel, but will offer good support for black sleepers, too. 

2.  You share your bed 

If you’re a light sleeper and you share a bed, there’s every chance you’ve endured being woken by your partner every time they simply shift positions. Disturbed slumber is certainly no fun, so Helix Midnight’s excellent motion isolation is an attractive feature. Not only did the Helix Midnight handle motion isolation incredibly well, it was also very quiet — which means you won’t feel or hear your partner rolling around.  

3. You’re on a budget 

The Helix Midnight gives the feel of a more luxurious mattress for less, even at full price. Discounts of around 20 -25% off are good, but the best price we’ve seen from this brand pushed the price of a queen size Helix Midnight down to $999. We’re hoping to see those levels of discounts recreated when Black Friday rolls around later this month. 

It’s considerably cheaper than the Saatva Classic (read our full Saatva Classic mattress review for more info), which is the best hybrid mattress in the world right now, but you only get 100 nights to trial and a ten year warranty, compared to Saatva’s 365 night trial and lifetime warranty. It’s still a decent offer, though, especially when you consider that Helix throw in two free pillows with every mattress purchase. 

Nicola Appleton
Sleep Features Editor

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