Forget iPhone SE: This great Android phone is even cheaper

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The TCL 10 Pro proved to be a pleasant surprise when it debuted earlier this year. One of the first TCL-built phones to debut under the company's brand name, the TCL 10 Pro featured one of the best displays you'll find on a handset, let alone a phone that costs just $450. And thanks to a sale at Amazon, you can get the TCL 10 Pro for even less.

For a limited time, Amazon is knocking 15% off — nearly $70 — the cost of the TCL 10 Pro. That lowers the phone's price to $381 — a little bit less than the $399 iPhone SE which, for all its charms, can't match the TCL 10 Pro's screen.

TCL 10 Pro: Was $449, now $381 @ Amazon

TCL 10 Pro: Was $449, now $381 @ Amazon
Save 15% on one of the better midrange Android phones we've tested this year. We're particularly impressed by the TCL 10 Pro's AMOLED screen, which is a better display than one you'll find on many more expensive phones.

Our TCL 10 Pro review found that no budget smartphone comes close to the AMOLED display that TCL uses for its new phone. That shouldn't be a surprise given TCL's background in manufacturing panels for its TVs. The phone also benefits from TCL's Nxtvision software, which adjusts contrast and colors in real time and allows you to upgrade content to HDR.

You'll make some trade-offs with the TCL 10 Pro, particularly when it comes to the phones quad-lens rear cameras, which can be hit or miss. You'll also only want to turn to the TCL 10 Pro if your carrier uses a GSM cellular network, such as AT&T or T-Mobile. But if you do opt for the TCL 10 Pro, you'll enjoy decent battery life and great performance to accompany that beautiful display.

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