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ExpressVPN vs NordVPN vs Surfshark – which VPN has the best Black Friday deal?

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It's Black Friday (duh), and as such it's the perfect time to grab a bargain on one of the best VPN services. But which Black Friday VPN deal should you go for? Here, we put ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark and their deals head to head, comparing both their features and, in the spirit of Black Friday, downright bargain value.

As our top-rated VPN provider, if money was no object ExpressVPN would almost always be our first choice. It's great for streaming, is super secure, and has class-leading customer support should anything go wrong. However, at $6.67 a month, it's also the priciest of the three.

NordVPN offers an excellent middle ground, with tons of servers, good streaming performance, incredible connection speeds and stable apps. Its current deal price of just $3.29 a month is also pretty tempting.

Surfshark's well-known as a cheap VPN – and in fact tops our rundown of the best bargain providers – but in truth, it doesn't sacrifice much power to offer those savings. The ability to use your subscription on an unlimited number of devices is a huge draw, and at $2.21 a month it's excellent value.

Below, we'll outline the deals in detail, including how much you're saving compared to the usual price, and if you're interested, we'll also include the very cheapest VPN deal available right now.

ExpressVPN vs NordVPN vs Surfshark – which deal is best?

ExpressVPN | 12 months + 3 months free | $6.67/pm | save 49%

ExpressVPN | 12 months + 3 months free | $6.67/pm | save 49%
This deal from ExpressVPN isn't really anything new, and in fact, it's available all year round to Tom's Guide readers. However, it's still a tasty discount on what's usually one of the most expensive VPN services around.

All in, you'll be paying $99.95 for 15 months of cover. If you want the best of the best, though, we'd always recommend ExpressVPN – it can unblock more Netflix libraries than any other provider (UK, US, Canada and Australia) along with tons of other regional streaming services, is fully audited, has super secure servers, and the apps are hugely usable on just about any device. In short, it's the full package.

NordVPN | 2 years | $3.29/pm | Save 72%

NordVPN | 2 years | $3.29/pm | Save 72%
Unlike ExpressVPN's deal above, this NordVPN deal really does offer some out-of-the-ordinary savings. While we saw a very similar deal in the months before Black Friday, this is in fact the cheapest NordVPN's 2-year plan has been since the halcyon days of 2017.

Overall, you'll be paying $79 for 24 months of cover, which really does look like great value compared to Express. And, while NordVPN misses out on some more niche Netflix regions and the apps aren't quite as intuitive, when it's up and running it pushes ExpressVPN hard for the #1 spot.

Surfshark | 24 months + 3 months FREE | $2.21/pm

Surfshark | 24 months + 3 months FREE | $2.21/pm
Surfshark regularly offers a huge discount on its longest 2-year plan, but very rarely does it drop any lower than $2.49 a month. However, for Black Friday, the bargain provider has thrown in an extra 3 months for free, which drops the cost significantly.

Upfront, it'll cost you $59.76 for 27 months of cover. Out of the 3 top providers, Surfshark's Black Friday VPN deal is easily the best value, as although you'll be paying significantly less, you won't miss out on too many features or functions. The only downside is that, like NordVPN, it can't access every Netflix region, and speeds are slightly lower than the two above – but you won't notice any slowdown unless your Internet can top 500Mbps.

Which Black Friday VPN deal is best?

Of the three, Surfshark undoubtedly offers the biggest savings – and it's objectively the best deal compared to regular prices. However, all of these deals are good value, and offer at least equal savings to the months before.

However, there's another VPN out there that blows this lot out the water...

PureVPN | 5 years | $1.13/pm with code TECH15

PureVPN | 5 years | $1.13/pm with code TECH15
Yep, you read that right – PureVPN is offering a huge 5 years for just $1.13 a month, which is fathoms lower than just about any of its competitors. While PureVPN isn't one of our very highest-rated VPNs, it's still quite capable for streaming and torrenting, has been verified as zero-logging by an independent audit, and delivers good connection speeds.

Here, you'll be paying $67.96 for 5 years of cover. In other words, for just $10 more all-in than Surfshark, you'll get more than twice the length of cover. Definitely worth considering.

Which Black Friday VPN deal is best?

First up, ExpressVPN's deal doesn't offer the biggest savings – but for many that won't be an issue, because it's quite simply the best provider available today. 

NordVPN offers a great balance of powerful privacy and security features, alongside a very affordable price.

However, for the bargain hunters, Surfshark (or even PureVPN) will be the way to go for a quality VPN service for as little outlay as possible.

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