Early Google Pixel 6a unboxing video just revealed all

An image of the Google Pixel 6a alongside the Pixel 6
(Image credit: Fazli Halim)

Update: A new leak offers some official-looking renders, giving us a look at the Pixel 6a from every angle

nother Google Pixel 6a unboxing has hit the net, showing the upcoming budget smartphone in full. 

This comes courtesy of YouTuber Fazil Halim who has an unboxing video of the Pixel 6a, showing us what’s in the box and giving us his impressions of the phone as a whole. It's a more independent look than the official Pixel 6a unboxing that made its way online, but the only downside is that he's giving those impressions in Malay.

But thanks to Android Police we have the broad strokes of what’s being discussed in the video itself. Obviously, we get a good look at the phone coming out of the box, and shots of the USB-C cable and the USB-C to USB-A adapter accessories, common to all Pixel phones.

We also see Halim compare the size of the phone to the Google Pixel 6 Pro. Unsurprisingly, the 6a is a fair bit smaller, even down to the width of the camera module bar on the back of the phone. The Pixel 6a also seems more squared off than the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, swapping the curved edges for flat sides you’d find on devices like the iPhone 13.

Things Halim was positive about include the display, which is a 6.1-inch OLED panel with a 60Hz refresh rate, and the 4,410 mAh battery. The in-display fingerprint scanner is also supposed to work well, which hopefully means Google has worked out the fingerprint sensor kinks that were part of a litany of Pixel 6 problems.

Halim wasn’t completely impressed with some aspects of the phone. His dislikes included the general camera performance, particularly the selfie camera. Nor was he happy about the 18W charging speeds. 

The Pixel 6a is also set to come with the same Android 12 software as the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, and will be powered by the Google Tensor chip. Performance-wise, we suspect that this won’t be hugely different to the 6a’s older siblings, but we won’t know for sure until we get hold of the phone ourselves.

The Google Pixel 6a goes on sale on July 21, costing $449 in the United States, £399 in the U.K. and €749 in Australia.

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