Amazing iPhone SE deal crashes price to $5 a month

iPhone SE 2020 deals
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From performance to design, Apple's new iPhone SE hits all the right spots. However, if you're holding out for better iPhone SE 2020 deals — we've found one that truly saves you money.

Currently, AT&T has the iPhone SE 2020 on sale for $5 per month. That totals $150, which is $249 off Apple's price. Alternatively, you'll pay $10/month for the 128GB model ($149 off) or $15/month for the 256GB model ($99 off). You must purchase the phone via a 30-month AT&T installment plan and with an unlimited plan.

iPhone SE 2020: $5/month @ AT&T

iPhone SE 2020: $5/month @ AT&T
AT&T is is taking up to $249 off the new iPhone SE 2020. After discount, the base model (64GB) costs $5/month ($249 off), whereas the 128GB and 256GB models are $10/month and $15/month ($149 and $99 off, respectively). This iPhone SE 2020 deal requires a 30-month installment plan and unlimited service. 

The new iPhone SE 2020 is the perfect smartphone for cash-strapped Apple fans. It features Apple's latest A13 Bionic chip, a 4.7-inch Retina display, Touch ID sensor, and wireless charging. 

There are only two features the new iPhone lacks. First, there's no Face ID support — a feature that's been standard on all new iPhones. In addition, the new iPhone SE 2020 only has one camera on the front and back. Fortunately, the cameras get a boost from Apple's machine learning tricks. So despite the few limitations, the new iPhone SE is an excellent phone for just about anyone. 

This is likely the best iPhone SE 2020 deal we'll see till Amazon Prime Day. AT&T's offer is valid through May 10. 

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