11 new movies and shows this weekend on Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max and more

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This Memorial Day weekend is bringing a sizzling lineup of new movies and TV shows to kick off the unofficial start of summer. And they're available to watch on multiple platforms, including Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max and other streaming services. 

The summer movies 2021 season kicks off with the premiere of Cruella, in theaters on Disney Plus Premier Access. Meanwhile, the devil himself is turning up the heat in Lucifer season 5 part 2. 

And could we BE more excited for the Friends Reunion? It’s streaming right now on HBO Max and we’ve stocked up on tissues, since it’s an emotional doozy. The rest of the week offers a couple of highly-anticipated finales from Mare of Easttown and Grey’s Anatomy.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of new TV shows and specials available on broadcast and cable. If you’ve cut the cord, just sign up for one of the best cable TV alternatives for access to your favorite channels.

Here are our picks for the new movies and TV shows to watch this weekend.

Streaming now:

Cruella (Disney Plus Premier Access)

Movie | 2hr 14 min, PG-13 | How to watch Cruella
Cruella, you had me at Emma (Stone and Thompson), but seeing how much fun they’re having while chewing scenery makes the movie all the more alluring. It’s an origin story nobody asked for yet is just the wild ride needed to kick off summer movie season. Stone is Estella, an orphaned street urchin who has always dreamt of working in fashion. She lands a job with the famous designer Baroness (Thompson), but their styles clash horribly, leading Estella to begin the transformation into the villain of One Hundred and One Dalmatians. And the Oscars should set aside the trophies for costume and makeup and hairstyling, because Cruella has them sewn up.

Friends: The Reunion (HBO Max)

Special | 1hr 43 min, TV-14 | How to watch the Friends Reunion
Guess we were all just on a break, huh? It’s been 17 years since NBC’s blockbuster sitcom ended, but the gang’s all here and back together again. The six stars (Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer) gather for a table read and to reminisce about the show that made all of them superstars. The special also includes a bunch of guests we don’t care about, but others who are very welcome (Janice! Gunther!). The Friends Reunion trailer made me teary-eyed, and I’m already stocking up on tissues. 

Lucifer (Netflix)

Season 5B premiere | Episodes 1-8, TV-14 | Watch now
The devil is back! Lucifer season 5 part 2 picks up right where the first half left off, with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) battling Maze while his twin brother Michael faced off against Amenadiel. God (Dennis Haysbert) shows up and declares, "Children, I know I hate it when you fight." Chaos of biblical proportion ensues. The second half of the season looks to be a real trip — there's a musical episode! — and it'll set up the sixth and final season of the drama. 

The Kominsky Method (Netflix)

Series finale | Season 3, episodes 1-8, TV-MA | Watch now
The final season of The Kominsky Method loses one of its two stars, as Alan Arkin isn’t returning. Instead, Michael Douglas is by himself to say goodbye, just as his character, Sandy Kominsky is, when Arkin’s character Norman passes away. Sandy has to learn how to manage life without his longtime friend and agent, but things get complicated when ex-wife Roz (Kathleen Turner) breezes into town. She arrives in L.A. to spend time with their daughter Mindy (Sarah Baker) and her boyfriend Martin (Paul Reiser). Expect more starry cameos in the final season, including appearances by Morgan Freeman and Barry Levinson.

Master of None (Netflix)

Season 3 premiere | Episodes 1-5, TV-MA | Watch now
Aziz Ansari never seemed in a rush to make more episodes of the show he co-created, but a four-year break between season 2 and 3 is a long one. Whether he needed to rejuvenate creatively or escape the harsh spotlight of the sexual misconduct allegations against him, Ansari has taken his sweet time — and made a sweet, five-episode ode to love. He directs, but stays off camera, focusing instead on Lena Waithe’s Denise and her partner, Alicia (Naomi Ackie). 

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (Disney Plus)

Season 1 finale | Episode 10, TV-PG | Watch now
If you haven’t been watching this charming reboot/sequel series of the ‘90s movie franchise, this weekend is the perfect time to binge the complete first season. Emilio Estevez reprises his role as Gordon Bombay, the one-time coach of the Mighty Ducks. The Ducks are now a youth hockey powerhouse. When Evan Morrow is cut from the team, mom Alex (Lauren Graham) seeks out Gordon to mentor a new ragtag group. Reluctant at first, Gordon finally agrees to shepherd the Don’t Bothers to the State Championship, despite the odds against them. 

Coming soon:

Bo Burnham: Inside (Netflix)

Special | Streams Sunday, May 30 at 3 a.m. ET
The multitalented actor/writer/director/musician/poet Bo Burnham most recently appeared as Carey Mulligan’s good boyfriend in Promising Young Woman. You may previously remember him as the writer/director of the coming-of-age tale Eighth Grade. Now, he headlines this Netflix special which he says he filmed “alone, without a crew or an audience, over the course of the past year” in quarantine. More pandemic-influenced comedy specials are starting to drop on various services and it’ll be interesting to see Burnham’s take on social distancing and staying at home.

Mare of Easttown (HBO)

Mare of Easttown

(Image credit: HBO)

Season 1 finale | Airs Sunday, May 30 at 10 p.m. ET
The "murdur durdur" case is on the brink of being solved. Or at least we hope it is, unlike what happened on The Killing. As much as I enjoy watching Kate Winslet vape and Jean Smart play Fruit Ninja on an iPad, I need a definitive answer as to who killed Erin McMenamin. The penultimate episode pointed the finger at Billy or John Ross, Erin’s cousins-once-removed. My theory is that neither of them did it and it was Lori Ross, John’s wife and Mare’s best friend. Or maybe the Rosses were all in cahoots together. Let’s hope Mare makes it through this to her next Wawa run.

Kim’s Convenience (Netflix)

Series finale | Season 5 episodes 1-13 stream Wednesday, June 2 at 3 a.m. ET
The Canadian sitcom comes to rather an abrupt end, after having been renewed for a sixth season. But the creators departed the series and thus, Kim’s Convenience is closing up shop. Not much happens in season 5, just the amusing, mundane aspects of running a store. But the show has always been more about the chemistry among the cast members — Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as as Appa, Jean Yoon as Umma, Andrea Bang as Janet, Simu Liu as Jung, Andrew Phung as Kimchee and Nicole Powers as Shannon. Their banter and shared energy will be missed. If you love Simu Liu, get ready for him to get even more popular in Marvel's Shang-Chi.

We Are Lady Parts (Peacock)

Series premiere | Episodes 1-6 stream Thursday, June 3 at 3 a.m. ET
The British comedy follows the journey of the titular punk band, composed entirely of Muslim women. They’re searching for a lead guitarist and decide to recruit a total novice, a microbiology PHD student named Amina (Anjana Vasan). Amina figured she’d just find a husband and settle down, but when Lady Parts come calling, she finds herself dreaming of rocking out and achieving stardom. The show drew raves across the pond for its irreverent, silly and sweet humor, as well as its focus on Muslim women as fully-fledged characters beyond their hijabs.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

Season 17 finale | Airs Thursday, June 3 at 9 p.m. ET
What a season it’s been for the long-running medical drama. Grey’s Anatomy didn’t flinch in tackling the two biggest issues happening in the real-world this past year: the coronavirus pandemic and racial injustice movement. While Grey’s Anatomy season 18 is coming, this felt like it could’ve been the end of the road for the series — especially after welcoming past stars like Patrick Dempsey and T.R. Knight for cameos. Instead, a new chapter begins, with Maggie and Winston getting married and Meredith taking on a new role at the hospital.

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