The one Google Pixel 6 setting you need to change to get more battery life

Google Pixel 6
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The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are here, but you may want to know how to disable 5G so that your smartphone lasts longer. Turning off 5G on Google's phone is a really simple process, and with the state of 5G in the US, you won't be missing out on much.

Why focus on 5G? We think Google went with an older, less efficient 5G modem for the Pixel 6 series. As evidence, in our Pixel 6 battery life tests, the regular Pixel 6 lasted for considerably longer over LTE than it did over 5G.

We received the unlocked Pixel 6 models for review, so the Verizon and AT&T specific models might differ in their battery life. That said, with a few taps, you can disable 5G and get the most out of your Pixel 6. Here's how to do that.

How to disable 5G on Pixel 6

1. Open Settings, then tap Network & internet.

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2. Tap SIMs.

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3. Scroll down to Preferred network type, then tap it.

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4. A dialog box will open it. Tap the option for LTE.

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  • computerbuster
    You should also disable window-level blur in developer settings, which prevents the GPU from spiking to 100% when swiping down the notification shade and a couple other areas. It is barely noticeable, as the background blurs only temporarily and the difference is purely cosmetic for what translates to decent battery gains. The Pixel 3 & 4 actually have this disabled by default
  • WarWolverineWarrior
    Sounds good. Doesn't work. Maybe update removed that option. Unlocked P6P on ATT and I don't see a way to disable 5Ge. And 5Ge is slower than 4G LTE-A on ATT.
  • jankdc
    This doesn't work with Google Fi.
  • Takophiliac
    "If you want better battery life on your pixel 6, get a pixel 4 instead".

    The advice here is a bit daft. Aside from it not working on Fi, in my area, T-mobile has very good 5G coverage, but absolute crap 4G coverage.
  • broadfork
    "Turning off 5G on Google's phone is a really simple process..."
    The commenters are disagreeing. And what would the battery time be on 4G?
  • gabaly
    WarWolverineWarrior said:
    Sounds good. Doesn't work. Maybe update removed that option. Unlocked P6P on ATT and I don't see a way to disable 5Ge. And 5Ge is slower than 4G LTE-A on ATT.
    I have the same problem on my Pixel 6 pro, AT&T, ESIM, no preferred networks option in the settings, only way to change to 4G LTE is by calling ##4636## and changing the network there, but that sucks, like why do I have to a call a phone number to change my preferred network, the phone battery is suffering when connected to 5G, did you find any fix for that ?
  • jeremycking
    This doesn't work at all with a pixel 6 on Google Fi. 'Preferred Network Settings' doesn't even exist within the settings. To those replying about turning it off for battery life... I want to turn it off because the 5G service is terrible. Has nothing to do with battery life.