Saatva vs Big Fig: Which mattress for heavy people is best for you?

Saatva vs Big Fig Mattress comparison image shows the Saatva HD mattress on the left and the Big Fig mattress on the right
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In our Saatva vs Big Fig mattress comparison, we're looking specifically at the Saatva HD and The Big Fig. The Saatva HD and Big Fig are two high-quality mattresses designed for heavier people. Standard mattresses support body weights off up to around 250lbs per sleeper, whereas the Saatva and Big Fig will support 500lbs and 550lbs per sleeper respectively. There's extra support on offer too, helping to stop sleepers from sinking too far into the mattress which could cause dips in their spine and pain in the longterm.

While they’re both designed for heavy people, the Saatva HD and the Big Fig are designed slightly differently from one another. Like many of the best mattresses of the year, these are both hybrid beds made from a combination of foams and coils. Both also feature in our guide to the best mattresses for heavy people and are great choices for those looking for a durable, long-lasting bed. 

There is a huge price difference between them though, with a queen Saatva HD coming in at $3,295 MSRP compared to $1,899 MSRP for the Big Fig. And whilst you’ll never pay full price for a Saatva thanks to monthly Saatva mattress sales, the Big Fig mattress is still considerably cheaper even with Saatva’s larger discount of 15%.  

In this Saatva vs Big Fig mattress comparison, we’ll look at how each mattress compares in key areas and help you to work out which one will suit you best. With this year's Presidents' Day mattress sales approaching, now is the best time to buy a mattress too.

Saatva vs Big Fig mattress: Specs

Saatva HD mattress for heavy bodies, on a bed frame in a grey room

(Image credit: Saatva)
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Row 0 - Cell 0 Saatva HDBig Fig
Type: HybridHybrid
Layers: 77
Firmness (1-10):77-8
Trial:365 nights365 nights
Warranty:Lifetime20 years
Price:From $1,995From $1,499

Saatva vs Big Fig mattress: Prices & trials

  • The Saatva HD is usually 12-15% off, with a queen priced $2,801
  • Big Fig has an evergreen $300 off mattresses, with a queen priced $1,549
  • Saatva offers a lifetime warranty; Big Fig offers 20 years

You’ll never pay MSRP for either of these mattresses, but the Saatva is considerably more expensive even with discounts applied. Discount-wise, you should expect 12-15% off, or we’ve sometimes seen tiered money-off deals where the discounts increase with the size of the bed. Even with these discounts, the Saatva HD is the brand’s most expensive mattress, but you can track discounts at our Saatva mattress sales guide.

There’s currently between $299-$658 off the Saatva HD, depending on what size you buy, with a queen coming in at $2,801. That’s a $494 saving, which is a generous discount on this high-quality mattress. 

Big Fig has an evergreen $300 off mattresses, although we have seen higher. Currently there’s $350 off all sizes with the code BEREAL, taking a queen mattress down to $1549. This is another excellent price for a well-made and durable mattress. How much can you expect to pay for these mattresses when they’re not on sale? Here’s our Saatva vs Big Fig price comparison. 

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Saatva vs Big Fig price comparison
Row 0 - Cell 0 Saatva HDBig Fig
Twin MSRP:$1,995 $1,499
Twin XL MSRP:$2,195$1,599
Full MSRP:$2,995 $1,699
Queen MSRP:$3,295$1,899
King MSRP:$3,945$2,099
Cal King MSRP:$3,945 $2,099
Split King MSRP:$4,390$2,699

In addition to price we also need to look at the length of mattress trials, mattress warranties and the type of shipping. Saatva comes out on top here, with a 365-night trial, lifetime warranty and free white glove delivery. However, there is a $99 to return or exchange the mattress. Big Fig has a 120-night trial and a 20-year warranty. Shipping is free via Fed-Ex, although there is the option to upgrade to white glove delivery for an additional $199.

Saatva vs Big Fig price winner: Big Fig
Saatva’s 365-night trial and lifetime warranty are impressive, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that the Big Fig costs much less. At full price, a queen Big Fig is almost $1,400 cheaper than the Saatva HD, which might make the shorter trial and warranty worthwhile.

Saatva vs Big Fig mattress: Design

  • Both mattresses are hybrids
  • The Saatva HD is a 15.5” high mattress made up of seven layers
  • The Big Fig also has seven layers and is 13” high

The Big Fig mattress for heavy people shown on a wooden bedframe next to white bedside cabinets

(Image credit: Big Fig)

The Saatva HD is of a similar design to Saatva's best mattress the Saatva Classic. Starting with a 3” thick Euro pillow top made with naturally breathable cotton, underneath you’ll find a 5-zone layer of natural latex for enhanced support in the lumbar region. Next up is a 1.5” layer of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam to relieve pressure points, followed by 2” of comfort foam for durable support. 

The foams sit on top of 12.5-gauge tempered recycle steel coils, with a reinforced layer of 6” high-density foam rails around the edge for superior edge support. The mattress sits on a 2” layer of high-density hard foam to provide structure and support. If you have chronic back pain, our Saatva RX review explains why it's the better choice compared to the Classic.

The Big Fig mattress starts with a soft quilted top made with ThermoGel heat-wicking technology to regulate temperature. Underneath is a perforated layer of gel-infused latex for breathability, followed by a layer of comfort foam to provide pressure relief. 

Next up are two firmer layers of responsive polyurethane foam for a firmer support. The mattress is support by a layer of individually wrapped coil springs, made from 15-gauge spring steel. The coils rest on a layer of polyfoam for durability and stability. And the entire mattress is hand-tufted in 16 places to prevent the foams from slipping over time.

Saatva vs Big Fig design winner: It’s a draw
There’s little between the two mattresses when it comes to design. The Big Fig uses higher gauge coils and slightly firmer foams, which allow it to support slightly heavier weights. But the Saatva HD has higher quality foams and zoned latex for tailored support around the lumbar region.

Saatva vs Big Fig Mattress: Comfort & support

  • The Saatva HD is a medium firm mattress, rated 7/10 on the firmness scale
  • The Big Fig is a medium firm rated at 7-8 out of 10 on the firmness scale
  • Both mattresses are highly supportive so you shouldn’t sink too far in

The Saatva HD is a great choice for heavy sleepers, offering plenty of support for bodies up to a combined weight of 1,000lbs (up to 500lbs each). But it’s also a good option for those looking for firm lumbar support. Stomach sleepers in particular should love this mattress, as it does a great job of keeping the hips in line with the shoulders for excellent spinal alignment.

There’s a good combination of pressure relief and support for back sleepers, whilst combination sleepers will find it easy to change positions – you sleep more on top of the Saatva, rather than sleeping in.

A blonde haired woman in pink pajamas lies on top of the Saatva HD mattress

(Image credit: Saatva)

Side sleepers will also find plenty of padding and support at the shoulders and hips, although lighter weight side sleepers will probably find it too firm and should check out our best mattresses for side sleepers recommendations instead. The excellent lumbar support also makes this mattress a great choice for those suffering with back pain.

Rated to support up to 1,100lbs, the Big Fig is an excellent choice for couples, who will appreciate the strong edge support and motion isolation. This is a firmer mattress than the Saatva and while it’s ideally suited to heavier sleepers due to its superior support, we do think that side sleepers may find it too firm. 

Again though, the fact that you sleep ‘on’ this mattress rather than sinking into it makes it an excellent choice for back and stomach sleepers – both of whom will appreciate the lumbar support and good spinal alignment provided by the mattress. 

The Big Fig has the highest maximum weight capacity of all the mattresses rated by us for heavy sleepers and is undoubtedly another excellent choice for those weighing over 250lbs.

Saatva vs Big Fig comfort & support winner: Saatva
There’s very little between these two mattresses when it comes to comfort and support, but we think the Saatva just edges it. Its slightly softer finish makes it a great all-rounder for all sleeping positions and we particularly like the five-zone latex layer to give differing levels of support where needed.

Saatva vs Big Fig Mattress: Temperature control

  • Both mattresses offer good temperature regulation
  • The Saatva has a breathable cover and naturally breathable Talalay latex
  • The Big Fig uses ThermoGel fabric and gel-infused latex to keep sleepers cool

Saatva’s mattresses are well-designed when it comes to temperature regulation. They don’t use a lot of foam, plus the HD is made with well-spaced steel coils to promote airflow. The cover is made from breathable organic cotton and there’s a layer of naturally cooling Talalay latex directly underneath to help regulate temperature.

A man in a blue t-shirt relaxes on the Big Fig hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Big Fig)

The Big Fig also has some clever features to help keep sleepers cool. The cover is a ThermoGel knit blend, which is a fabric blended with a gel material. This helps to regulate temperature by dissipating body heat. Up next is a layer of gel-infused latex that’s aerated for airflow, and the mattress also contains well-spaced coils to further aid with temperature regulation.

Saatva vs Big Fig temperature regulation winner: Big Fig
Both mattresses do a decent job of keeping sleepers cool, but the ThermoGel in the Big Fig’s cover is particularly effective at regulating temperature. Combined with the aerated latex and well-spaced coils, hot sleepers should find they don’t overheat.

Saatva vs Big Fig mattress: Which should you buy?

Buy the Saatva HD mattress if…

  • You suffer from back aches and pains: The Saatva HD does an excellent job of keeping the spine perfectly aligned and there’s zoned support from the latex layer.
  • You want a great all-rounder: Sleepers will feel comfortable in all sleeping positions on the Saatva, with plenty of support and cushioning at pressure points.
  • You want a traditional feel: As you sleep on top of the Saatva it feels more like a traditional innerspring mattress.

Buy the Big Fig mattress if…

  • You share your bed with a restless sleeper: Motion isolation and edge support on the Big Fig are excellent, meaning you shouldn’t feel any movement by your partner during the night.
  • You sleep hot: With its ThermoGel cover and gel-infused aerated latex foam, the Big Fig both sleeps cool and feels cool to the touch.
  • You want a mattress with a higher weight capacity: With the ability to support sleepers with a combined weight of 1,100lbs the Big Fig really is designed to support heavier sleepers.
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