One of the best Peloton alternatives just crashed to $497

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Peloton is typically considered the undisputed king of the exercise bikes world, but there is a range of excellent alternatives out there. Often these very suitable rivals can be bought for a fraction of the premium price that a Peloton costs. 

The Echelon Connect is one of these very compelling alternatives, and right now Walmart has a fantastic deal on the exercise bike. You can get an Echelon Connect bike on sale for $497. That's over $100 off and one of the best exercise bike deals we've seen. This is the perfect deal for anyone looking to take their home workouts up a gear. 

Echelon Connect Exercise Bike: was $599 now $497 @ Walmart

Echelon Connect Exercise Bike: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">was $599 now $497 @ Walmart
The Echelon Connect's magnetic flywheel offers 32 levels of resistance. This deal also comes with six months free membership on the Echelon Fit app (a $120 value), which provides access to 1,600 cycling classes of all fitness levels. 

Making this offer even sweeter is the inclusion of a 30-day free trial of Echelon United Membership, which is worth $40. This premium subscription service gives you access to a host of premade cycling workouts and on-demand exercise classes. 

The world is starting to open up again after COVID-19 lockdowns forced us all inside. However, if you'd still prefer to work out from home or just want the flexibility that home exercise equipment provides, this deal is for you. 

The Echelon Connect bike is not only a far cheaper alternative to a Peloton bike, but it's also extremely feature-rich. It sports an extremely appealing design, and also offers 32 individual levels of resistance as well as fully adjustable toe cages, to stop you from slipping while working out. Plus, the extra-large cushioned seat and padded handlebars will let you ride in complete comfort. 

Experienced cyclists may notice that the model's lighter flywheels (7kg), do lead to a slightly less smooth and realistic riding experience. Though new to spin bike routines are less likely to notice this slight disadvantage. 

Another thing to note is that as opposed to Peloton’s already-included HD screen, Echelon users will have to use their own tablets or smartphones when using the bike. This isn't an unreasonable trade-off however considering the significantly cheaper price of the Echelon Connect. 

Make sure to check out our Pelton vs Echelon face-off, if you're trying to decide which is right for you. Of course, there are other options as well. Check out our roundup of the best exercise bikes available right now. 

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