Mint Mobile Black Friday deal — buy an iPhone or Pixel, get 6 free months of service

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If you're looking for a discounted phone in a Black Friday deal, chances are you're looking for a new phone carrier as well. And Mint Mobile is hoping to win your business by dangling six months of free service to go with your new smartphone.

To get six months of free wireless service at Mint, you need to sign up for one of the discount carrier's six-month plans. You also need to buy a new smartphone from Mint to qualify.

Mint Mobile sale: get 6 free months @ Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile sale: get 6 free months @ Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile will let you get half-a-year's worth of wireless service for free by buying a phone from the discount carrier and signing up for a 6-month plan. Plans start at $90 for six months of Mint's 4GB plan and tick up to $180 total for unlimited data. Don't want to commit to six months? Mint still has its free 3-month offer when you sign up for a 3-month plan.

That latter condition isn't as burdensome as it might first appear. Mint boasts a wide selection of popular phones from the iPhone 14 to the Google Pixel 6a. In the case of Google's phones, you can get the devices for less at Mint than you'd pay elsewhere. A Pixel 7 Pro that normally costs $899 is now $499.

As for the plans, paying for six months in advance nets you another six months of free wireless service. Mint's plans come in 4GB ($90 for six months), 10GB ($120), 15GB ($150) and unlimited ($180) allotments.

Don't want to commit to six months of service? Mint continues to offer another Black Friday deal in which you get three months of free service by signing up for a three-month plan. In the case of that 4GB plan, that's $45, or $15 a month for the three months.

Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), meaning that it uses another carrier's network to provide its wireless service. In Mint's case, that's great news, as the service in question coms from T-Mobile's network. T-Mobile currently offers the most extensive and fastest 5G coverage, according to multiple third-party testing services.

As for Mint's plans, they rank among the best cell phone plans, thanks to the low monthly cost. Mint's unlimited plan, which costs $30 a month, is one of the best unlimited data plans we've seen. Check out our guide to the best Mint Mobile plans for more details on the service and its plans, as well as our Mint Mobile promo codes page for savings on their plans.

If you're looking for a new phone without the wireless carrier, be sure to check out our look at the best Black Friday phone deals. We can also keep you up-to-date on the latest Black Friday iPhone deals.

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