Look sharp: Dyson’s popular Airwrap styler has price slashed by 20%

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Ladies (and gentlemen with Fabio-esque hair), if you’ve been coveting the rather excellent Dyson Airwrap then you’ll be keen to know that it’s now on the receiving end of a 20% discount, bringing its price down to a (slightly) more manageable AU$719. 

And if you don’t need to style your hair but you do want to dry it with the best hair dryer on the market, the Dyson Supersonic has also seen its price knocked down by 20%, too. 

Dyson AirWrap | (AU$899) AU$719 at Dyson

Dyson AirWrap | (AU$899) AU$719 at Dyson

The Dyson AirWrap is the premier hair styler to have, being able to create curls, waves, and bouncy, flowing locks without the use of extreme heat that can leave your hair feeling frizzy and dry. Available in a choice of three colours, there’s never been a better time to switch up your look. 

The discount applies to both the standard and long hair versions of the AirWrap, so make sure you choose the best option for your hair length. 

• Airwrap Complete in Fuchsia/Nickel
• Airwrap Complete in Nickel/Copper
• Airwrap Complete in Blue/Copper
• Airwrap Complete Long

Also available at Myer for AU$719.20

The AU$719 price tag may still seem like a lot for what some may see as essentially a curling iron, but the Dyson AirWrap is so much more. Plus, it rarely sees a discount, so when it does, it’s big news. 

Littered with innovation in true Dyson fashion, the AirWrap successfully manages to create convincing, long lasting curls by employing the Conada effect. This sees the hair being attracted to the styler in both directions — as opposed to you having to physically wrap it around yourself — to make creating voluminous curls an absolute breeze. 

A wide range of attachments makes the AirWrap a versatile tool in your haircare armoury, and it can even double up as a hair dryer. 

Dyson Supersonic | (AU$599) AU$479 at Dyson

Dyson Supersonic | (AU$599) AU$479 at Dyson

If it's just quick and easy hair drying you need in the mornings then nothing can quite compare to the Dyson Supersonic. Capable of blasting air out at incredible speed and volume, it will have your hair looking its best in no time. Better still, this discounted price includes five styling attachments that all serve a genuine purpose. Your morning routine will never be the same. 

Also available at Myer for AU$479

As mentioned earlier, however, if you’re just looking for the best possible way to dry your hair after a shower, the Dyson Supersonic has also had its price slashed. You can pick one up now in a choice of four colours from Dyson for AU$479.

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