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Black Friday TV deal slashes prices on Amazon Fire TVs

Amazon 4-Series and Omni Fire TVs
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Fire TVs always take the spotlight in Black Friday deals, as Amazon has consistently offered some of the deepest discounts on TVs that use Amazon's smart TV software. But the Black Friday deals are better than ever this year, as sales come to the newest Amazon-made Fire TVs, which have only been on the market for a few weeks.

From the budget-friendly Amazon 4-Series Fire TV to the more premium Fire TV Omni series, the first Amazon branded Fire TVs are some of the best Fire-powered smart TVs on the market, and Amazon is offering great deals on both model lines. You can get the 50- and 55-inch Amazon 4-Series Fire TV for $140 off (opens in new tab) and the 50-and 55-inch Fire TV Omni for $150 off (opens in new tab) the regular price.

Amazon 4-Series 50" Fire 4K TV: was $469 now $329 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Amazon's new 4-Series of Fire TVs are now on sale. The 50-inch model is $329 ($140 off), whereas the 55-inch model is on sale for $379 (opens in new tab) ($140 off). You get perks like HDR support (HDR10/HLG) and Alexa integration (via the remote control). These deals are valid through November 29.

Amazon Omni Series 50" 4K TV: was $509 now $359 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Amazon's new premium Omni Series TVs are on sale for the very first time. The 50-inch model is $359 ($150 off), whereas the 55-inch model is $409 (opens in new tab) ($150 off). The TVs include Dolby Vision (65 and 75 inch only), always-on mics for hands-free Alexa, and two-way video calling support (later this year). 

Amazon's latest Fire TV offerings — the Amazon 4-Series Fire TV and Omni Fire TV —  have impressed us since they were announced, improving Amazon's smart TV offerings with new designs, competitive new features, and the same great prices that Fire TV is known for.

And these fantastic prices are reason enough to consider buying one of the new Amazon Fire TVs. We were a little less excited in our recent Amazon Fire TV Omni review. For all its premium stylings and updated feature set, it still fell flat in performance, and we felt the premium price was just a bit too high for our liking. These sale prices shift the balance a bit, bringing down the price without giving up the sleek stylings and new features.

Similar discussion of value can be had about the Amazon 4-Series Fire TV. Judging by the list of specs and features, the Amazon 4-Series Fire TV is a run-of-the-mill 4K smart TV, but the low price is pretty unusual. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to upgrade to their first 4K smart TV, or who wants a chance to dip a toe into Amazon's rich ecosystem of apps and services. (Read Amazon Fire TV Omni Series vs Fire TV 4-Series: What’s the difference? to learn more about how the two models compare.)

From Amazon Prime Video to the built-in Alexa smart assistant and extensive smart home capabilities, there's plenty to love about Fire TV, and these otherwise basic smart TVs do offer smarter-than-average capabilities as a result.

If you ever wanted an Amazon smart TV, these Fire TV bargains make this the perfect time to buy. Be sure to check out our Black Friday TV deals page for more savings from all the major brands. 

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