How to change your Euros commentary language with a VPN

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Football may be a universal language, but football commentary isn't. If you want to actually understand what the commentators are saying, or miss the familiar voices of home then you're in luck. With one of the best VPNs, it's a breeze to get your dream commentary line-up. 

If you're wondering how to watch Euro 2024, we've got you covered, but if you're craving the commentary of your choice then a VPN is your best bet. Let's be honest we all like to moan about commentators, but we secretly miss them when they're gone right? 

1. NordVPN – the very best streaming VPN

1. NordVPN – the very best streaming VPN
NordVPN is seriously quick, super-secure, and can access virtually any streaming platform you point it at. That includes big platforms like Netflix but also crucially for Euro 2024, broadcasts from other European countries, with your preferred commentary. 

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Loud and clear

In Europe, Euro 2024 is free to air, but obviously with so many different countries, that's a lot of different broadcasters. UEFA has compiled its own comprehensive list but we'll run through some of the more popular languages in a moment. 

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To get the commentary in the language of your choice, simply connect your VPN to a server from the country your after and then tune into the live stream like usual. For example, if you're from the UK and out of the country, you could use a VPN to connect to a UK server and watch on BBC iPlayer or ITVX like usual.

If you're using a free VPN then you're probably going to struggle, but for one of the best streaming VPNs, this is an easy task. If you've got a subscription to a service like NordVPN with severs in dozens of countries, it won't be hard to find the feed you're after. By spoofing your IP address, VPNs can connect seamlessly and securely to the internet as if you were in almost any country. 

Speaking my language

Here's a quick rundown for some of the biggest countries in Europe and the broadcasters covering the tournament on television. 

England: The entire tournament will be split between the BBC and ITV. Use BBC iPlayer and the ITVX app to watch with British commentary like you're back in Blighty. 

France: TF1 will be covering every game with French language commentary including from the legendary Bixente Lizarazu. 

Spain: If you're after the typically more exciting Spanish commentary then RTVE is the place to go. 

Italy: Love Calcio? Then try Rai Sport which includes storied commentators Angelo Di Livio and Domenico Marocchino. 

Netherlands: The birthplace of total football is showing the competition on NOS where you can keep up with all things Oranje and beyond. 

Germany: There's actually a choice of broadcasters for the host nation as Das Erste, RTL and ZDF are all airing the tournament. 

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