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Android is the world's most popular OS, and it runs on everything from smartphones and tablets to watches and mini PCs. Tom's Guide gets you up to speed on the latest devices, apps and more.

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Here are our top-rated Android phones at any given moment. If you're into photography, these are the best phone cameras on the market. If battery life is most important to you, here are the longest-lasting smartphones. Protect your Android phone with these mobile security tips and our top-rated Android antivirus apps. And don't miss out on these hidden gem Android apps or the best Android apps overall.

Here are our [url=,review-2223.html]top-rated Android phones[/url] at any given moment. If you're into photography, these are the [url=,review-2272.html]best phone cameras on the market[/url]. If battery life is most important to you, here are the [url=,review-2857.html]longest-lasting smartphones[/url]. Protect your Android phone with these [url=,review-1918.html]mobile security tips[/url] and our [url=,review-2588-7.html]top-rated Android antivirus apps[/url]. And don't miss out on these [url=]hidden gem Android apps[/url] or the [url=,review-2853.html]best Android apps overall[/url].


Keep your Android apps and data safe with the best backup apps for your phone or tablet.


Take command of your files with these 10 Android file managers.

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  • Free Video to Android Converter - free

    Free Video to Android Converter provides video converter software - wherein it allows you to convert video that is compatible for Android OS devices.

    available for : windows
  • Microsoft Word (Android Tablet) - free

    Create, edit and view your Microsoft Word documents on your Android with Microsoft Word.

    available for : android
  • Android TV Remote Control - free

    Replace your old stock remote for your Android TV with Android TV Remote Control for the Android.

    available for : android
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news - SEPTEMBER 3 4

The new Google Nexus smartphones could arrive in less than a month, and rumors are swirling. Here are all the details we know so far.

Tutorial - DECEMBER 30

Android Wear Emulator helps you test all the Android Wear apps and features right on your PC without owning the physical device itself. When an...

news - SEPTEMBER 2 0

Asus showed off five phones at IFA 2015, including one with a 5,000 mAH battery.

news - SEPTEMBER 2 0

We go hands-on with Asus' Zenwatch 2, the company's sleek new Android Wear smartwatch due in October and priced at just 149 Euros.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 1

You can sell it, trade it in or recycle it. But first you'll want to wipe your data.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 1

The Robin is an attractive mid-range Android phone with a clever trick: cloud data management that automatically frees up storage when you need it.

news - AUGUST 31 0

It's coming: the Android Wear app for iOS devices will let you use a Google smartwatch with an iPhone. Here are the features that made the cut.

reviews - AUGUST 31 0

While yoga is an ancient art of breathing and stretching, that doesn't mean that its adherents haven't embraced the wonders of modern technology. Here are our top 10.

reviews - AUGUST 26 5

Affordable unlocked smartphones can provide comparable features to pricey flagship phones at less than half the cost. Here are our favorites.

news - AUGUST 25 2

Android device owners who have taken a liking to Cortana on their PC can now set the Microsoft assistant to be their default for search.

reviews - AUGUST 24 1

If you 'root' (gain admin rights to) your phone, you can run a bevy of new software, improve performance and kill bloatware, but you also could void your warranty or brick your device. Do the benefits outweigh...

picture story - AUGUST 24 3

Make the most of your address book with the best contact apps for Android and iOS.

reviews - AUGUST 21 2

From puzzles and card games to shooters and strategy, here are some of our favorite tablet games released over the year.

news - AUGUST 19 0

A prominent leaker has tweeted pictures of the BlackBerry Venice, which is rumored to be BlackBerry's first-ever phone running the Android OS.

news - AUGUST 19 0

Opera's data-saving Opera Max app now compresses YouTube and Netflix videos, making it easier to use less data on the go.

news - AUGUST 19 0

At IDF, Fossil teased its first Android Wear smartwatch and a connected bracelet that could be on your wrist by the holidays.

reviews - AUGUST 13 4

Whether you're a workout beginner or a serious exercise addict, there's something for you here in our list of 10 of the best workout apps on mobile devices today.

news - AUGUST 13 0

With Samsung taking the wraps off its latest phablet, here are eight Galaxy Note 5 features that caught our eye.

news - AUGUST 13 0

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus features a 5.7-inch curved display, quick access to your favorite apps, a bigger battery and livestreaming to YouTube.

news - AUGUST 13 0

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus adds a bigger curved display and more features to Samsung's already excellent flagship.

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