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Android is the world's most popular OS, and it runs on everything from smartphones and tablets to watches and mini PCs. Tom's Guide gets you up to speed on the latest devices, apps and more.


From abstract games and physics puzzles to murder mysteries, these are the most fun and challenging puzzle games you can enjoy on the go.


From RPGs to RTSs, shooters to casual and puzzle games and free to play gems, here are some of our favorite Android games of the year.

Downloads for Android

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  • Free Video to Android Converter - free

    Free Video to Android Converter provides video converter software - wherein it allows you to convert video that is compatible for Android OS devices.

    available for : windows
  • Android Wear Calculator - free

    Make calculations on the spot in Android Wear Calculator for Android.

    available for : android
  • Find My Phone (Android Wear) - free

    Never leave without your phone with Find My Phone for Android.

    available for : android
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picture story - AUGUST 26 69

From news readers, utilities, games, to photo editors, media players and social networking tools, here are 40 of our favorite free Android apps.

news - AUGUST 21 7

Shared memory lets Android apps 'see' what others are doing and mount precision attacks to steal sensitive information.

news - AUGUST 21 1

Acer's new Chromebox CXI series puts Chrome OS on your desktop for $180.

news - AUGUST 18 2

The first round-faced Android Wear smartwatch is likely to cost $250, according to a product listing on Best Buy.

picture story - AUGUST 14 7

From thrilling shooters and fighting games to turn-based wargames and puzzlers, here are the 20 best free Android games.

news - AUGUST 12 1

Was the Blackphone really hacked in 5 minutes? We clear up the hype surrounding the news that the privacy-minded phone is vulnerable.

picture story - AUGUST 11 24

So you fancy yourself an Android power user? Check out these 30 apps crafted specifically for rooted Android smartphones.

picture story - AUGUST 7 9

From nimble, cloud-based streaming players to feature-packed apps for audiophiles, here's the best Android music player apps for your listening pleasure.

news - AUGUST 6 2

InCar minimizes distractions while you drive by providing just essential functions via voice control and reducing incoming notifications.

news - AUGUST 5 5

Run Android on your car's dashboard with the new Navdy.

news - AUGUST 4 1

You can now speak into your smartwatch to compose a reply on popular messaging app WhatsApp.

picture story - AUGUST 4 3

Make the home screen your own with these feature-packed, innovative and customizable Android launcher apps.

news - JULY 29 11

Is Nvidia's Tegra K1-powered Shield Tablet gaming's next big thing? Here's what the critics say.

news - JULY 29 2

Researchers have devised Android malware that can leverage your phone's seemingly innocuous voice commands to speak your secrets out loud.

news - JULY 28 3

TouchPico is an Android-based PC that works as an independent computer as well as a projector. Its projector can create an 80 inch touch screen on any surface.

picture story - JULY 28 0

From all-in-one marketplace and reader apps to lightweight readers, here are our 10 favorite mobile comic book readers.

news - JULY 25 15

The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would make it legal for consumers to "unlock" their mobile devices and change carriers.

reviews - JULY 24 0

Keep your brain in proper working order by playing simple games and using these great apps.

news - JULY 23 2

The dangerous Android ransomware known as Simplocker now has even more capability and seems to be targeting U.S. residents.

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