I’ve found the cheapest price on The Purple Mattress for Memorial Day — this is the best sale to shop

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Purple’s cheapest mattress just got cheaper with a saving of up to $200 off their best selling mattress. We have scoured the internet to find the lowest price and you can now  buy a queen size Purple mattress for $1,399 at Purple, which is a healthy saving of $100.

Purple is the brand behind some of the year's best mattresses, thanks to its proprietary GelFlex gird layer which has been designed to provide deep pressure relief as well as a responsive sleep feel. 

Many mattress brands have already rolled out epic Memorial Day mattress sales, so  a saving of up to $200 may not seem hugely impressive. However, we've scoured the 'net and can confidently say that shopping directly from Purple is the cheapest place to buy this best selling bed, as well as unlocking the best benefits - such as the 100-night sleep trial, free shipping and that generous 10-year warranty. 

The Purple Mattress
Was: Now: Saving:

The Purple Mattress
From $999
Now: from $899 at Purple
Saving: Up to $200 at Purple

Summary: The Purple mattress ranks highly in our best mattress in a box guide, thanks largely to its proprietary GelGrid technology which has been designed to contour to your natural curves offering exceptional support and pressure relief, something that our tester found out during our Purple Original mattress review. It’s one of the best mattresses for couples, who will benefit from the impressive motion isolation. It's also a great choice for those who sleep hot, as the PurpleGrid technology has over 2,800 open air-channels that work to ensure heat doesn’t get trapped within the mattress and also will neutralize your own body heat so you don’t over heat. This mattress is suitable for all type of sleeper but back sleepers will find it especially comfortable, whilst heavier sleepers may find it a little too soft so may want to opt for the hybrid version instead. 

Benefits: 10-year warranty | 100-night sleep trial | Free shipping

Price history: Purple run regular sales throughout the year with typically around $200 being knocked off the full MSRP - like the sale we’re seeing right now. You may find that there are bigger discounts when it comes to larger sales events, like Black Friday. However, these discounts aren't a given and we may not see them again until much later in the year.

What is Purple's GelFlex Grid layer?

One of the things that makes The Purple mattress so unique is it’s use of the brand’s proprietary GelFlex Grid layer. This is made using a hyper-elastic polymer which is then arranged in a repeating geometric structure so it kind of looks like a honeycomb in design. 

Each column within the grid acts independently, so this means that it instantly adapts to a sleeper’s movement and bounces back so there’s no sagging or dips left behind when you move and you’ll find the process of moving around on it a lot easier too which is great news for combination sleepers who change position frequently throughout the night. 

Two hands press against the Purple GelFlex Grid, demonstrating its support and pressure relief

(Image credit: Purple)

This GelFlex grid layer also contours perfectly to the body’s individual shape, hugging  curves and proving pressure relief in the areas where the body needs it the most, so hips, shoulders, knees and lumbar region which makes it one of the best mattresses for back pain

Another thing that the GelFlex layer excels in is making this a cooling mattress ideal for hot sleepers. The grid has over 2,800 open air channels which prevents overheating by allowing air to circulate around the mattress instead of getting trapped inside the fibers.  

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