Hot sleepers, one of Amazon's top cooling mattress toppers is on sale for just $44

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Spring is here, and with it comes the hint of the hot temperatures to come — and the disruption that can cause to your sleep. If you're a hot sleeper looking for one of the best cooling mattress toppers on a budget, you're in luck. A new Amazon sale means you can get 35% off the Best Price Mattress 3" Ventilated Topper at Amazon, with a queen now $65.99 (was $99.99.)

While the best mattresses will offer blissful temperature regulation, other beds may require a helping hand in keeping you cool all night long. The Best Price Mattress 3" Ventilated Topper offers both memory foam comfort and breathability, making it one of the best cooling mattress toppers for those seeking a cool night's sleep without breaking the bank.

You'll get a three-year manufacturer's  warranty and free shipping when buying this memory foam topper, though it's unclear whether buying from Amazon directly a sleep trial included. Still, this is a great deal on a top-rated mattress topper ahead of the Memorial Day mattress sales.  

Best Price Mattress 3" Ventilated Topper
Was: Now: Saving: 

Best Price Mattress 3" Ventilated Topper
From $43.49
Now: From $65.99
Saving: Up to $34 at Amazon

Summary: Like many of the best mattress toppers, the Best Price Mattress Topper is crafted from a combination of memory foam and cooling tech to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Its contouring memory foam is ventilated for breathability and infused with gel for enhanced temperature regulation. It comes in various height options (from 1.5" to 4"), but we recommend picking any models 3" and over for optimum comfort. As of April 2024, the topper has over 21K reviews, with over 15,000 five-star reviews. This top-rated topper is a great way to add some breathability to a bed prone to trapping heat without splurging on the best cooling mattresses. Be mindful, however, that this memory foam topper needs over 72 hours to expand fully. 

Price history: Amazon's deal knocks up to 35% off this cooling topper, though discounts vary between thickness and sizes (there's just 11% discount on the California king but 25% off the full). A 3" queen size topper is now down to $65.99 (was $99.99), while at twin is just $44.

Benefits: three-year warranty | Free shipping

Are mattress toppers worth it?

Mattress toppers are a great way to give your bed a reboot on a budget — as long as you choose the right one. Any bed topper under 2" thick is not worth it, as it will be too thin to have any impact. Meanwhile, any topper over 4" will be too tall and squishy. Also, make sure that a memory foam topper contains some cooling features, such as gel, copper or graphite infusions and perforated foam to offset any heat trapping. 

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