Do you need an adjustable base with a split king mattress?

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Pairing your split king mattress with an adjustable base can add even more customization to you and your partner's sleep set up. But do you really need an adjustable base with a split king mattress?

Most of the beds in our best mattress guide come in a split-king size, as a split king provides each person with their own bed. However, a lot of couples add an adjustable base to their split king mattress so they can personalize their side of the bed further. Some mattress brands even add special offers when you buy a split king mattress and an adjustable base together.

Here, we'll take a look what adjustable bases and their benefits and drawbacks. We'll also look at some of the best adjustable base and split king mattress set to buy in the upcoming Memorial Day mattress sales.

What is a split king mattress?

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A split king mattress pushes together two separate twin XL mattresses to form one big king-sized bed. It has the same measurements as a standard king bed – 76 inches wide by 80 inches long – meaning it's perfect for couples who enjoy a lot of space. 

While a the best king size mattresses have the same firmness level throughout, a split king mattress can offer different firmness levels as their two sperate mattresses pushed together. They're also popular for restless couples, as separate mattresses mean you won't be able to feel your partner's movements. However, a split king mattress can either be sold at the same or a higher price than a standard king.  

What is an adjustable base?

An adjustable bed base can transform your mattress into the best smart bed with a click of button. While a standard bed base's sole function is to hold and support a mattress, an adjustable bed base allows you to adjust both the base and the mattress using technology. 

Adjustable bed bases can be controlled using buttons, wired remotes, wireless remotes or smartphones, and have multiple features. Usually adjustable bases can change the bed's position, making the head or foot region of the bed higher or lower. 

What are the benefits of a split king adjustable base?

Adding an adjustable base to a split king mattress has a lot of extra benefits to an already personalized set-up. For example, if one person wants to lie flat, while the other wants to sleep in a more upright position, neither hast to compromise. 

A blue bedroom containing the Tempur-Ergo smart in a split king

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Most adjustable beds allow users to sleep in the zero gravity position, which helps reduce heath conditions such as snoring and sleep apnea to stop couple's from being disturbed by their partner's nocturnal noises. Split king adjustable bed bases are also ideal for couples who suffer with different health problems to each other, such as back and joint pain, arthritis, and pregnancy discomfort.

Many adjustable bed bases are also tailor made for split king beds, and can keep the split king mattress together by providing leg straps. They also usually come with two remotes which couples can either use individually or synch up to operate the split-king mattresses as one bed.

What are the cons of an adjustable split king base?

GhostBed Split King Adjustable Set

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A major put-off of buying an adjustable bed base is the price. Adjustable bed bases are much more expensive than regular static bed bases, even when on offer as part of a split king set. But the expense might be worth it if you struggle with back pain or sleep apnea – check out our guide to zero gravity mattress prices to learn more.

Another issue is compatibility. While a lot of modern mattresses can be used with an adjustable bed base, there are many mattresses that are compatible. Adjustable bed base compatibility often depends on the mattress type, materials, and thickness. For example, inflatable, innersprings, and water beds are not compatible, while pillow top mattresses can pose some problems. Memory foam, hybrid, pocket coil, and latex mattresses tend to be compatible, provided that they are under 14 inches. 

Do you need an adjustable base with a split king mattress?

Buy a split king adjustable bed base if...

✅ Your mattress is compatible: If your split king mattress is under 14" tall and isn't an inflatable, innerspring, or water bed, then it's likely tour mattress is compatible.

✅ You're planning on buying a split king mattress: If you're shopping for a split king mattress and don't currently own one, there are many deals on split king mattress and adjustable base sets. 

✅ You have individual health issues: For instance, if one person snores, while the other is experiencing pregnancy discomfort, then an adjustable bed base can put you in a position to alleviate those conditions. 

Don't buy a split king adjustable bed base if...

 Your main issue is motion transfer or firmness: If your reason for buying a split king mattress was to prevent your restless partner's movements from waking you up or to adjust the firmness on your side of the bed, then there's little point in adding an adjustable bed base.

✅ You're on a tight budget: If you have, or you're shopping for, a split king mattress, you'll know they're the most expensive mattress size. Add a split king adjustable bed base to the mix, and the budget starts to swell even more. 

✅ Your mattress is incompatible: If you own a split king mattress thicker than 13 inches or is an inflatable or innerspring, then it won't be compatible with an adjustable bed base.

Top 3 split king adjustable bed base deals

1. GhostBed Classic Split King Adjustable Set: $6,580 $3,290 at GhostBed

1. GhostBed Classic Split King Adjustable Set: from $6,580 $3,290 at GhostBed
This split king adjustable set is 50% off at GhostBed. The bundle comes with any choice of the six GhostBed mattresses, from the GhostBed Classic to best cooling mattress GhostBed Luxe. The set includes leg straps to keep the split king mattresses together, two wireless remotes that can be synched up, and the ability to adjust to the zero gravity position. Extras include a 101-night mattress trial, free shipping, and 20-year warranty. 

2. Split King Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Ergo Smart Base:$3,798$3,798 at Tempur-Pedic

2. Split King Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Ergo Smart Base: $3,798 $3,798 at Tempur-Pedic
The Tempur-Ergo Smart Base is bursting with state-of-the-art smart features, including the zero-gravity position and anti-snore technology, and heart rate tracker. Currently you can save $200 on this smart bed thanks to Tempur-Pedic's flash sale, plus you get free white glove delivery and a 25-year warranty. However, it should be noted that this bed base is marked as final sale, meaning you can’t return it. 

3. Split King DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Bundle: from $7440 $2,688 at DreamCloud Sleep

3. Split King DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Bundle: from $7440 $2,688 at DreamCloud Sleep 
Select from any one of DreamCloud's best hybrid mattresses and best memory foam mattresses to make up an adjustable split king set. There's currently a DreamCloud mattress sale that takes 50% off the bundle, taking the price of a split-king DreamCloud Memory Foam Adjustable Bundle down to $2,688. The bundle comes with free shipping and returns and a lifetime warranty.

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