5 signs you need a king size mattress, not a queen

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Are you currently sleeping on a queen size mattress, and wondering if it's time to upgrade to a king? Then this is the guide for you. When it comes to choosing one of the best mattresses, the size should be one of your top considerations, alongside other factors such as the type of mattress and the best materials for your sleeping style. 

But what size is a king size mattress? In the US, a king sits one size above a queen and its dimensions are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long (193cm by 203cm). Do note that this is different to a UK king, which is 60 inches wide by 79 inches long (150cm by 200cm). During this article, we’re be focusing on the US king size mattresses, and we’ll also recommend some of the best king size mattresses currently available.

King size mattresses command a higher price tag than queen size beds, but timing your purchase to coincide with a mattress sale will mean getting your new bed at a discount. Waiting for major holidays, like the Memorial Day mattress sales in May, will glean the biggest savings. 

5 signs you need a king size mattress, not a queen

1. You’re tall 

For tall people, king size mattresses are a godsend. No more sleeping with your toes poking out over the edge of the mattress. King size mattresses are longer than a queen, making them the ideal choice for those of a taller height, as well as those who like to sleep with their arms thrown back over their heads. A king size mattress allows taller folks to sleep comfortably on their backs, rather than having to curl up in a foetal position to fit on a mattress.  

2. You’ve got a large bedroom 

A king size mattress is perfect for a large bedroom, looking natural and fitting in with its surroundings. By the same token, of course, a king can overwhelm a small bedroom and make it almost impossible to move round the room. But in a large bedroom a king size can add the right look and feel, plus it will be easy to flip and rotate the mattress as and if it’s necessary. This is an important consideration if you’re buying a larger bed size.   

3. You bedshare with kids or pets 

Avocado Green Mattress, featuring a woman and baby on said mattress

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Both little kids and pets can take up a surprising amount of room in a bed. A side of the bed means nothing to either a toddler or pet, and both seem to have a tendency to grow in size overnight. Whether it’s spreading all their limbs as wide as possible, or lying horizontally across the bed, the main aim seems to be to leave as little space for the adults as possible. But invest in a king size bed and you’ll have room for these companions without spending the whole night clinging to the edge of the bed (providing your dog / cat / child actually lets you in the bed in the first place…). 

4. You're a restless sleeper 

A queen mattress is a decent size, but you’ll likely still find yourself in close proximity to your partner as you sleep. This can be absolutely fine if you’re both peaceful sleepers who don’t change position much during the night but if you or your partner is a restless sleeper, the close proximity of their movement could disturb your sleep. 

Of course, certain mattresses absorb motion better than others, with the best memory foam mattresses being particularly adept at motion isolation. But even with excellent motion isolation, you’ll still want to avoid a random limb hitting you in the middle of the night. King size mattresses are wide enough that you’ll be able to sleep safely without any risk of being disturbed by a restless partner.

5. You're a hot sleeper

If you sleep hot it’s important to choose a decent cooling mattress that will help regulate your temperature overnight and prevent you from heating. But again, if you share a bed with a partner and you’re sleeping on a smaller mattress, you may find that their body heat and closeness contributes towards you getting hotter and struggling to stay comfortable. A larger king size mattress allows you to sleep at a reasonable distance from a partner, and also provides a great surface area for heat to dissipate over. 

Top 3 king size mattresses to shop today

DreamCloud Mattress: $1,669

DreamCloud Mattress: from $1,669 $835 for a king size at DreamCloud
The DreamCloud Mattress has the feel of a luxury hybrid but, even if it was sold at MSRP, it would still be a far cheaper option than most king size mattresses. Fortunately there’s nearly always a sale or offer on and, right now, you can get 50% off all sizes, making it our top choice of king size mattress to buy today. The DreamCloud has outstanding levels of support and pressure relief, with plenty of comfort, along with excellent motion isolation and temperature regulation. There’s also a generous 365-night trial and a forever warranty. Read more in our DreamCloud mattress review

Nectar Mattress: $1,399

Nectar Mattress: from $1,399 $849 for a king size at Nectar
If you share your bed with a restless sleeper, the Nectar is a great choice. Made entirely from foam, it does a superb job of isolating motion and this, combined with the larger king size, should mean you have an undisturbed and peaceful night’s sleep. Made by the same parent company as the Cloverlane and DreamCloud, you’ll also find this mattress always has a sale or offer on, with a current discount of 40% on all mattresses. Again, a 365-night trial gives you plenty of time to try out the mattress and there’s a forever warranty if anything goes wrong.

The WinkBed Plus: $2,199

The WinkBed Plus: from $2,199 $1,899 at WinkBeds
Targeted support and pressure relief makes the WinkBed one of our top mattresses for back pain and it also comes in four different firmness options, including a specialized Plus version to suit heavier individuals. So if you’re of a heavier build and want a luxurious king size mattress to spread out in, the WinkBed is one to consider. There’s a lifetime warranty but the only slight disappointment is the trial period, which is only 120 nights long.

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